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Trash by Andy Mulligan (Lesson 1-7)

No description

Bethanie Lord

on 21 May 2018

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Transcript of Trash by Andy Mulligan (Lesson 1-7)

Trash by Andy Mulligan
Year 7 class novel: Trash
‘…maybe one day you’ll find something nice. Oh yes. Then one day I did.’
Lesson Two
Did the trailer change your expectations of the novel?

What may Raphael find that would be a life changing discovery?
Thesaurus Challenge!

Create a word cloud by listing any words or phrases which have connotations with rats?
Lesson Four
On a post it note, write down one adjective to describe the 'Smokey Mountain.'
1. Three facts you learn about living conditions in Manila.
2. Two adjectives to describe your reaction to the video.
3. One question they still have about 'trash' kids.
Lesson One
Thinking Questions:
1. Does society have a duty to care for the poor?
2. Is it always wrong to steal?
3. If you had £43,000,000, what would you do?
Using the covers above, explain your expectations for the plot of this novel?
Class reading: 3-9
Did the opening of the book live up to your expectations?
Role on the Wall
Complete a 'role on the wall' using what we have learned about Raphael so far.

On the inside you should write facts about the character.
What does he say about himself?
What does he do?
What does he look like?

On the outside you should write any questions you have about Raphael and his life.
Class Reading
pages 10-26
Role on the Wall
Complete a 'role on the wall' using what we have learned about Rat so far.

On the inside you should write quotations about his appearance that makes him seem like a rat.

On the outside you should write quotations about Jun Jun's situation which make him seem like a rat.
Write a reflection on what you have learned about the living conditions of a trash child.

Extension: How does this compare to your own
Lesson Three
On your white boards, write a definition for the term 'narrator.'
Class reading of pages 27-35.
What can we infer about the character so far?
1. Which quotation reveals the most information about the character?
2. What can we infer about the character from this quotation?
3. What can you comment on how the character tells the story?
Character Analysis
Who is your favourite narrator and why?
Why did Mulligan choose to use Manila as inspiration for the setting of his novel?
Using the information you collected for homework and what you have learned today, discuss what you think is the most shocking aspect of life in Manila?
Lesson Five
Sentence Challenge!


Sentence Sort!
Can you work out what type of sentence your quotation is and why?
Class reading: p36-43.

How does Mulligan use different types of sentences to create tension?

P: Mulligan uses complex sentences at the beginning of the chapter to…

E: For instance,

E: This has the effect of…

E: In contrast, as tension increase in the chapter, Mulligan uses short sentences to…

Lesson Six
Can you guess the party theme?

Write a definition for the literary term 'theme.'
Class reading: pages 47-54

Find quotations which relate to the following themes in the novel:
1. loyalty
3. betrayal
4. corruption
5. education

Which do you think is the most applicable theme to the novel and why?
MUST: What does Father Julliard realise about education in Manila?

SHOULD: How does it compare to your own experience of education?

COULD: How does Michel and Mina’s experience of education in
compare to that of the trash boys in the novel.
Is it ever acceptable for the police to use violence against a suspect?

What if that suspect is a child?

Lesson Seven
Choose a book character and mind map the following:
• What they say?
• How they say it?
• What sort of things they would say?
• How they would act?
• How they react to people?

What is empathy?
Class reading: pages 55-71.
Task – You are Gardo. Describe your thoughts and feelings when Raphael is taken.
As a class, using the writing AFs, establish a success criteria for this piece of writing.
1. You use a range of punctuation correctly (. ! ? “”).
2. Clear beginning, middle and end.
3. You spell common words correctly.
4. You use simple connectives.
5. You use different sentence types.
6. You write in the same appropriate tense.
Purple Pen of Progress!
1. Use your purple pens of progress and the success criteria to mark your partner’s work.
2. Using your feedback, redraft a part of your writing.
Lesson Six
Use the photographs to help you summarise what we learned last lesson?
(How will it be useful today?)
Learning Objective
'Hide and Seek!'
7eh3's definition of the term 'adjective':
Read the extracts from the novel.

Identify the adjectives used by Mulligan.
(Try to do this on your own first!)
Class reading!
(pages 47-50)
To be able to
adjectives in order to use them in our own writing.
Must: Choose a narrator from the novel to describe. You should use atleast three adjectives in your description.

Should: Use your knowledge of the character to help you and try to use other descriptive devices too.

Could: Use different sentence types for effect.

Green Pen Matters
Extension: Write your own description of Raphael using as many adjectives as you can.
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