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Austin Clay

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Islam

IQBI Media and Kaaba
Middle East
Saudi Arabia
Islamic history

AD 570-610 - The Prophet Muhammed Early Years
Sakina & Sara

Plus Islam discourage believers to see him as a Human or a thing he is just everywhere
Meaning of Islam
Islam's meaning is taken from the Arabic word salam, which in itself means peace purity and obedience.
whole hearted faith in the one god Allah
daily prayer
prayers start at age 7 and pray on a prayer rug

Introduction to Islam: meaning of Islam and its 5 pillars
Tazz School
Sacred/Holy book
The Quaran (Koran)
Mohammad(570-632A.D.) was born 570 A.D. in Mecca. Around age 40 he was in a cave on Mount Hira during Ramadan and an angel appeared name Gabriel ordering him to follow the one true God Allah. As he gain a following the Meccans merchants kicked him out and his followers.After that Mohammad when to Yathrib or what is now called Medina(The city of the Prophet). There his following grow over tens years. During that time He attack Mecca and won. then order the destruction of the pagan statues around the Kaaba.

Muslims DO Not think of him as the son of God, but moral who got god word. Also as a perfect believer. Also the Greatest Prophet better then Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.
The Koran is one of the two foundations of faith, and it is known as the recitation of real events that are said to have occurred in Muhammad's life. The book itself is comparable length to the gospels. The Koran like many other holy books has one major source of divine wisdom and in this case it is from Allah. Muslims; under most circumstances do believe that non-believers do not have an afterlife at all.
By Jamie Glazov
by: FSTC Limited
Were fought to conquer/defend the Holy lands from 1095- 1300 A.D.

They were Muslims and replace the Byzantine Empire
United by Islamic idea of increasing Muslim territory through Jihad
Other religions could worship in the Ottoman Empire.
Sultan Selim captures the holy cities Mecca and Medina in 1516
Non-Muslims citizens in the Ottoman empire were granted equality with Muslims in 1850s

Islam spreads to the Americas from 1945-1960s
Pakistan founded as an Islamic nation in 1947 because India control what is Pakistan and Pakistan wanted the national religion of India to be Islam and India didn't.

(Wahhabi sect)
Is a radical Sunni Muslim group that call for a Jihad on a global scale and strict interpretation of sharia law. Where the ones who planed and carried out 9/11 and many other attacks on America. They leader Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals on May 2, 2011.
Five Pillars of Faith
1) Declaration of faith(Shahada) is basic saying you believe in Allah and Islam.
2) Daily prayers(Salah) pray five times a day at dawn (Fajr), noon (Zhur), afternoon (Asr), sunset (Maghrib), and nightfall (Isha)
3)Alms(Zakat) give to the poor and unlucky
4)Fasting during Ramadan(Saum) to purify both body and soul
5) Hajj Annual pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims make and only a once in a lifetime obligation.
The Pillars are the moral code and rules of the muslism which most be followed
Mohannad Allami

The holy struggle within ones
self to do what is right as is their duty
towards Allah. In other cases it is taken in a violent nature and violent hate crimes are made against non-believers of Islam. A small percentage of Muslims practice this; Less than 1% of all Muslims. Muslims are widely discriminated against for this even when they do not practice violent Jihad because of the exploitation of the hate crimes that have been committed by Muslims in the past.
after death one goes to paradise or hell
mosque is the islamic church
Allah is the one and only god, demands submission
the differences between them is who should be the Caliphate. Sunni say that the Caliphate should be elected by the religious leaders of the Islamic community. While the Shiites think you should be direct descent of Mohammed.
Both have sect within them who are more radical like the Wahhabi sect of the Sunni.
Most Muslims are Sunni
How Islam affects the world
Islam not only influences the lives of it's followers, it does have an affect on the rest of the world. Being the largest spread religion, there has been conflicts over it for many years and more to come. Violent Jihads have been committed in the name of this religion. Also, Islam's teachings may also be making a positive affect on the world due to it's peaceful general philosophy.
There is war all over the world because of Islam. Also many people think all Muslims are evil.
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