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The infinitive and the present tense verb endings

Made for Spanish 1 Jan. 23, 2013

Jordan Orr

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of The infinitive and the present tense verb endings

The Spanish infinitive
and the Present Tense Verb Endings Verbs ending in -ar, -er, & -ir We've talked about what an infinitive is.
It is a verb that has not been CONJUGATED yet.
In English = to run, to speak, to play
In Spanish = hablar, comer, & venir
Infinitives are the base of EVERY verb form.

And when we add the endings in Spanish, we are letting someone perform the action. At The Base -
The Infinitive Verbs like :Hablar, Cantar, Estar (which is irregular in the first person)

Take off the -ar, and add your endings.

Yo hablo Nosotros hablamos
Tu hablas
El/Ella habla Ellos/Ellas hablan

Once you add these endings, SOMEONE is doing the action! The -AR verb endings
The infinitives that end in AR Verbs like comer, beber, and poder.

Infinitives that end in ER are the same as those that end in AR. An ending needs to be added to them so someone can do the action. Let's try Comer (to eat).

Yo Como Nosotros Comemos
Tu Comes
El/Ella Come Ellos/Ellas Comen

Because the infinitive is an ER verb, the endings begin WITH AN E, but they follow the same pattern as the AR verbs. Verbs that end in -er
Here are your endings: Verbs like venir and abrir.

Again, the IR verbs just need an ending added to them so someone can do the action. Lets try abrir.

Yo abro Nosotors abrIMOS
Tu abres
El/Ella abre Ellos/Ellas abren

All are the same as the ER verbs, EXCEPT nosotros! It begins with an -i Finally, the IR verbs. Do you get it? Let's review!

- o - amos - o -emos - o -imos
- as - es - es
- a - an - e - en - e - en Can you do it on your own now? Can you do it on your own? Let's try some up here now.

Correr then Recibir
Yo________________ Nosotros________________
El/Ella____________ Ellos/Ellas_______________ Despues de escuela, ___________ mucho. (comer/ella)
En clase, ________________ tu nombre. (escribir/tú)
Mis padres________________ en Huntsville, Alabama. (vivir)
______________________ Español porquè estudio. (comprender/yo)
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