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on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Christmas

By Andrea Odell and Victoria Shekhman
Social Studies Period 6
Mrs. Scharn
Christmas originated in United States mainly because it is believed to be the birth of Jesus Christ. To celebrate, some reenact his birth by having what is known as a 'nativity play'.
There is a large number of people who celebrate Christmas for the tradition of Santa Claus and gift giving.
Americans celebrate Christmas by decorating their houses with colorful lights, setting up Christmas trees, and exchanging presents.

United States

The traditional Christmas feast consists of turkey or ham with cranberry sauce.
In the United States, the national gift giver is Santa Claus.
Children send letters saying what presents they would like to Santa Claus who is believed to live in the North Pole.
Santa Claus places presents underneath the decorated Christmas tree by coming down the chimney.
Children in America bake cookies and set out milk for Santa Claus.
Children hang stockings on the fireplace where Santa will leave small toys or candy.
It is believed that if a child is naughty, they will not receive gifts, instead will get coal in their stocking.
United States
During the Nordic times, the custom of celebrating through the darkest and coldest of times originated
The celebration of Christmas occurs from December 24th to 26th
During the advent season, homes are prepared, cookies are baked, and decorations are made
Christmas traditions in Finland have become known to over 140 countries largely because of a traditional event that has occurred every year
Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular every year, but they're not traditional
The bad spirits supposedly do things like put out fires
Having a fire lit through the 12 days of Christmas is meant to keep the Kilantzaroi away
Usually, the mother dips a cross and basil in holy water and sprinkles it in the house once a day
Children go in the streets playing drums and triangles singing Christmas carols
On Christmas morning, children will visit their godparents' house to have a feast and receive presents.
Starting on December 16th, Catholics go to the Simbang Gabi, which means 'midnight mass'. This mass is every night leading up to Christmas eve.
After the last mass, there is a large gathering known as "Noche Buena'. This is a feast where foods like lechon (which is roasted pig), cuchinta, fruits, sweet or sticky rice, and bibingka.
Christmas Around the World
The gift giver is called Joulupukki, which roughly translates to 'Christmas Goat'.
The goat is originated as a scary yule goat who asked people for presents.
Over time, the goat became the gift giver. Later, it became Santa Claus, who was given the name of the goat, Joulupukki.
On Christmas eve, Finnish people visit cemeteries where they hang lit candles in remembrance of their deceased loved ones.
Their Christmas dinner includes pork roasts, fish, and salad.
For dessert, it is common to have a Christmas pudding. Sometimes, there is an almond hidden in the pudding. Whoever's pudding has the almond is believed to have a year of luck.
After dinner, Joulupukki visits children in their homes and if they've been good, he rewards them with presents.
Christmas in the Philippines originated from the celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ.
Since 80% of Filipinos are Catholic, a majority of the country celebrates Christmas for this reason alone.
This is a traditional Christmas parol
Stockings are hung on the fireplace
The foods we will be offering are



Christmas has been changing a lot in Greece as the western European customs spread more change yearly
In Greece, Christmas is celebrated mainly to keep the evil spirits away
The Killantzaroi are bad spirits that appear from Christmas to January 6th
Greeks mainly celebrate Christmas by going to a Midnight Mass Service and putting up a huge Christmas tree in Aristotelous Square
The main meal is often lamb or pork served with spinach and cheese pie and various salads
Spinach and cheese pie
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