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The Poem by Amy Lowell

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n s

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of The Poem by Amy Lowell

Amy Lowell
.She travelled widely

.Turned to poetry at age 28 .

.Published her first poem, '
Fixed Idea
' in 1910


Wrote more than 650 poems.

Passed away in 1925 and won the
Pulitzer prize
(an award for an
achievement in American journalism,
literature, or music)
for poetry in 1926,
one year after her death.

The Poem
by Amy Lowell

closet : a small room or
area like for storage

hither and thither : here and there

shrivel : shrink and wither /dry and

thrust : push, drive, force

hither and thither-here and there

recover-return to their normal state.

clash-brush against one another

blunted-not sharp
If you cultivate something
it will grow. If you neglect it,
it will die.
different colours
a plant growing
a garden full of blooming flowers
blowing wind
Activity Time!!!!!
Would you Grow a plant? Would it make you happy to see it grow from a small seed into a tall plant and Why?
The Poem

It is only a little twig
With a green bud at the end
But if you plant it,
And water it,
And set it where the sun will be above it,
It will grow into a tall bush
With many flowers,
And leaves which thrust hither and thither
From its roots will come freshness,
And beneath it the grass-blades
Will bend and recover themselves,
And clash one upon another
In the blowing wind.
But if you take my twig
And throw it into a closet
With mousetraps and blunted tools,
It will shrivel and waste.
And, some day,
When you open the door,
You will think it an old twisted nail,
And sweep it into the dust bin
With other rubbish.

Amy Lowell
Born on February 9th, 1874,
in a wealthy family.
Travelled widely.

Turned to poetry at age 28 .

Published her first poem, '
Fixed Idea
' in 1910.
In this poem the speaker talks about
a twig that she believes must be planted, nurtured and allowed to grow into a tall bush .If we do not allow it water and sunshine,and shut it into a closet instead, then it will dry and wither away.The poem seems to deal with a plant growing from a twig,but it could also refer something else. What comes to mind when you read it ?
New Vocabulary
Reference to context:
'Will bend and recover themselves'
a. What is the name of the poet?
b. What is the poet talking about in this sentence?
c. Explain the word 'to recover'?
d. Bending and recovering- when do you think these actions take place?
This poem has no
rhyme scheme. It is in
free verse.
It has a simple meaning
as well as a deeper

Answer the following:
Who is the poet giving instructions to?
Do you think the choices apply to the twig or other matters as well?
What is your one take away from this lesson?
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