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No description

Bellee Jones-Pierce

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of DEFINITION

Assignment Sequencing

Collaborative Word Work
Lexicography Essay
You must now become a lexicographer and provide your own definition of a term relating to friendship. Your definition may be as serious or as silly as you’d like, but you should take your new role as a lexicographer quite seriously. Definitions have many parts, and it is your job to give a full definition of the term as you use it.
Radical Revision
An Introduction, A Quest
Type "friend" into Google. Go on. Do it.

Now, try "friendship."
Just what do we mean when we say "friend"?
More importantly, what do you mean?
Look. See. The word "friend" as we use it, just from the smattering of pages we see here, can mean or be just about anything. Is that a good thing? A useful thing?
First Writing Prompt
Ask yourself, “What does friendship mean to me?” Then, write. Find out what you think. Write whatever you wish, so long as you’re thinking of friends and friendship when you write it. Respond to your Google search, or follow other threads. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path, so long as the path you take is yours. Have some fun. Surprise yourself.

You’ll need a place to begin all the thinking and engagement you will do this term. This is the place.
The Oxford English Dictionary
Definitions, forms, etymology, usage, history, &c, ad nauseum...
Other Tools & Resources
Visual Thesaurus



BYU Corpora
First Draft Requirements
Consult the Oxford English Dictionary and two other sources.

other dictionaries
classroom texts
interviews with friends
corpora, etc

Feel absolutely free to make some stuff up completely (examples and scenarios, for instance) and to put your own experience at the forefront of this essay.

Write in traditional essay format.
Try for at least four pages, and practice MLA documentation.
Revise, Revise, Revise
Peer Critique

Workshop Hours

Revised Drafts

Student-Teacher Conferences

Other Projects

Organize yourselves into small groups. Using the sources we've explored as well as your collective knowledge and experience, write a definition for one of the following terms:
Revise, Polish, Present
Intensive Revision & Editing Worksheets

Peer Critique

Workshop Hours

"Final Draft"

friendzone friend-with-benefits frenemy
Once you've written your definition, decide the best method to present it to the class. On paper? Reading aloud? Via web?
Consider changes in your approach to
writing, your thoughts on friendship, and
your experience to compose a radically
revised version of your definition.

Take your essay apart. Move it in a new
direction. Explore every possibility.
Some Possibilities to Consider
Voice, Point of View, & Tone

Genre & Mode

Purpose, Focus, & Organization

Arbitrary Changes & Textual Tricks
A few examples...
Daniel ("platonic")

Aakash ("acquaintance")

Meghan ("handshake")

Danetta ("affection")
Fuad ("bromance")
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