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Kindergarten History Lesson

No description

Kelsey Wolfrum

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of Kindergarten History Lesson

By: Kelsey, Amanda & Emily
History Lesson
Grade: Kindergarten
Theme: A Child's Place in Time and Space
Strand: History
Topic: Historical Thinking and Skills
Content Statement: Personal History can be shared through stories and pictures.
-Read Story & Smart Board Activity- Students will identify whether an event is in the past, present, or future by holding up signs. One student will come up to the smartboard and choose "past, present, or future" and move the word beneath the picture.http://star.spsk12.net/socialscience/k/past-present.pdf
-Students will recall events from their own life, and be able to tell whether they were in the past, present or future.
-Ready Story & Students will bring in 3 pictures (1 Past, 1 Present & 1 Future), and write one sentence for each.
-Create a Book of their own pictures, and put the pictures in order beginning with past, then present, and finally future.
-Students will create Time Capsule.
Weekly Schedule of Lessons
1. Students will be able to identify whether an event is in the past, present and future.
2. Students will be able to recall events from their own lives, and are able to categorize them into past, present and future.
3. Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of time by arranging pictures into chronological order.
4. Students will be able to write a sentence about the past, the present, and the future.
5. Students will be able to arrange 3 pictures from their life into chronological order (past, present and future) in order to create a book.
Learning Objectives
How will We Introduce the Lesson?
*Prior to this Unit- We
have done the Calendar every day of the week, and we will connect this to the new unit. This prior knowledge of time will help the students connect what they have learned in the past, to the information in the present. (Months of the year, and Days of the Week)
*On the 1st and 3rd day of the unit, we will open with a story book.
* Questions:
Does everyone remember what Day of the week it is?
What do we use to tell what day it is in the classroom? (point to calendar)
Does everyone know this is what we use to tell time?
-There are 3 parts of time, the past, present and future-
What is the past? Can anyone tell me something that happened in the past?
What is the present? Can anyone tell me something that is happening in the present?
What is something that you want to happen in the future? Why?
Can anyone tell me what they want to be when they grow up? Is that in the Future?
Lesson-Day 5
1. Students will have just created their Book about their lives on Day 4
2. Students will now begin to create their time capsule by using a tissue box.
3. They will decorate with various pre-made shapes (hearts, stars, etc.), and practice their fine motor skills by cutting the shapes out.
4. Next, they will color the shapes with crayons, and glue them onto their tissue box.
5. Lastly, they will glue one last piece of paper of the cover to seal the time capsule.
6. Students will share one picture from their story book to the class.
7. They will then be able to open the time capsule at a later whichever time the teacher chooses.
We will ask each student to choose one picture from their story book to tell us about why they wrote the sentence they wrote, and whether it is in the past, present or future. This allows the students to see other classmates stories, as well as see the similarities in how they grouped their stories. Not only that, but this will be used as our assessment for the lesson.

Questions Teacher will Ask:
Why is that Picture in the Past?
Why is that Picture in the Present?
Is there a reason you put that in the Future?
What are some other things you have done in the Past?
If we are going on a field trip Friday is that in the past, present or future?
A newsletter will be sent home to the students that explains to the parents that the students will be learning about time. They will also be asked to bring in 3 pictures from home (1 symbolizing the past, 1 of the present & 1 of the future).
Differentiated Instruction
For Gifted Students: They will be asked to bring in more than 3 pictures for their story book.
For Struggling Students: They will be given extended time on the assignments, as well as special attention to help them better understand the lesson.
Friday's Lesson-Students will be assessed on their ability to arrange their storybook into chronological order.

http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?activityID=187 Past Vs. Present
http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?activityID=188 Time Capsule
Students will learn to differentiate between the past, present, and future after several lessons and activities related to time. They will connect the past, present, and future to their own personal experiences, and be able to tell when those personal experiences had, have, or will occur in their lives.
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