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Christian Pitts

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Christian Pitts

Chapter 3
In Chapter 3 Frances is sent off to hop on the train. She gets a little over 50 dollars for taxi rides and food. But she decides not to ride the train.
Chapter 4
In chapter 4 Frances decides to hop a train and ride the rails, she soon realizes she is going to need new clothes, later she hops the train and falls asleep.
Chapter 5
When she finally wakes up
Frances start to play her
Harmonica and a boy named Stewpot introduces himself.
Chapter 8
In Chapter 8 they arrive at the Jungle where they meet up with another group of hoboes, they decide to cook up some Mulligan Stew and head off to a farm where some very friendly people hook them up with fresh food and some drinks in exchange for a liitle bit of work .
Chapter 2

Frances wakes up thinking it was all a bad dream, but slowly realizes that it was all too real. She went down to the kitchen to find the servants talking and joined them for breakfast. She soon finds out that all the servants have to leave as well, but have nowhere to go. That's when Junius mentions riding the rails and Frances likes the idea.
In Chapter 7 they talk about how Stewpot got his nickname. He got it because he would eat so much, and one of his friends gave the nickname to him. They did this while eating some good old bread and cheese
Nowhere To Call Home Timeline
Chapters 1-7
Chapter 6
In chapter 6,Frances talks with Stewpot and he gives her the name Frankie Blue after she tells hi, she is a boy. He gave her this name because of the sad tone of her music.
Chapter 1
In Chapter 1 Frances' life spiral into chaos, her entire family is dead except for her aunt after her father goes broke and dies in the most cowardly of ways. This leaves her with only one choice but to live with her aunt.
Chapter 7
Chapter 9
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