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Impact of the Space Race

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Hayley Edwards

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Impact of the Space Race

The space race and moon landing changed the way the world politically and scientifically functions still to this day. The space race elevated competition between rival countries and their technological advancements. Money was poured into the space program with America spending 25 billion dollars in the late 1960s on their space program.
New technologies were rapidly being created and there can be no denial that the space race impacted on the technological life we lead today. Impact of the Space Race The computer Microchip is vital in today's society. Almost all electronic goods are run by a microchip such as; your phones and computers. NASA for the Apollo space program invented a computer that through its microchip helped with navigation, guidance and control of the space ship. Without this invention the use of computers, mobile phones would not be advanced to where it is today. The Computer Microchip The invention of cordless power tools was pushed forth due to the need of NASA and the astronauts. Power drills were needed in the collecting and investigation of moon rocks. Cordless Tools The Joy stick which was used for gaming devices and has now advanced to gaming controls was first used to control the Apollo Lunar Rover. The Rover would search the moon whilst being controlled by the joy stick back at ground control or the astronaut. This technology was created for this purpose and is now used as a form of entertainment. Joy Stick Satellite's were a development that came from the space race that today is seen as one of the most significant forms of technology. The technology was used to fix errors in space craft signals. Today it is used for television signals, mobile phone satellite and navigation. Satellite Television The smoke detector we have in our schools, homes and businesses today was made possible by NASA. NASA invented the the first adjustable smoke detector with sensitivity levels to prevent false alarms within their launches and working areas. Smoke Detector Shoe insoles and Invisible Braces Shoe insoles that are used today for support and athletic footwear was first adapted from the design of space boots. The space boot was designed to lessen impact by adding spring and ventilation which is now used in footwear around the world. NASA also helped out teenagers and their quest for straight teeth. Invisible or transparent ceramic brace brackets are made possible as they are from the materials used on space crafts.
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