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Medical Circumstances from Their Eyes were Watching God and

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Catherine Boone

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Medical Circumstances from Their Eyes were Watching God and

Symptoms of Rabies
Sensitivity/pain by bite wound
Loss of muscle functions/spasms
Low fever (102˚ F)

Cash's Concrete cast in As I Lay Dying
Incubation Period
Incubation period: the time between infected and when symptoms are seen
can last from 10 days- 7 years
average time is 3-12 weeks

Dangers of Cement
Medical Circumstances from
Their Eyes were Watching God
As I Lay Dying

Tea Cake's Symptoms
Low fever:"Plenty fever round heah since the storm." (174)
Hydrophobia: "Janie dipped up a glass of water and brought it to the bed. Tea Cake took it and filled his mouth then gagged horribly, disgorged that which was in his mouth and threw the glass upon the floor. Janie was frantic with alarm." (174)
Excitability: "The fiend in him must kill and Janie was the only thing living he saw." (184)
Did Janie have Rabies?
"Janie saw the look on his face and leaped forward as he crashed forward in her arms. She was trying to hover him as he closed his teeth in the flesh of her forearm. They came down heavily on that." (184)

A deadly virus spread by infected animals
Spread through saliva through a bite or broken skin
Infection travels from the wound to the brain, causing swelling/ inflammation
Can be spread by dogs, raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, and humans

Tea Cake's Incubation Period
"About the middle of the fourth week Tea Cake came home early one afternoon complaining of his head. Sick headache that made him lie down for a while." (172)
his incubation period was 4 weeks
Properties of Concrete
Cement is extremely caustic, abrasive, and drying
Some cement has additives like alkaline (acid, corrosive) and crystalline silica (abrasive)
Wet cement can result in blisters, dead or hardened skin,or black or green skin
By the time an employee becomes aware of a burn, the damage is already done
Cement can cause dermatitis (inflammation) of the skin
Cash's Experience
Cash didn't want the concrete (207)
"We held the lamp and looked at Cash's foot where it was going black." (224)
Water on Cement
Water+sand+cement= concrete
reaction with water is called "hydration"
involves a series of reactions occurring at the same time
the products of hydration bond together all of the components in concrete to create a solid mass
reactions are mostly exothermic, generating heat
after immediate addition of water is added, alkaline is produced (pH of 12.9)
Peabody's Prediction
By: Catherine Boone
"Cement Hydration." Cement Hydration. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2014.
"Rabies." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 24 Sept. 2013. Web. 12 Feb. 2014.
loss of 60 square inches of skin
might not be able to walk again
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