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The Wonderful World of Stock Issues

A Short Explanation of the Stock Issues

Christian Wolf

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Wonderful World of Stock Issues

The Affirmative Case WHAT ARE THE STOCK ISSUES? Stock issues are the framework in which all of the arguments of a round must fit. Topicality Significance Inherency Solvency TOPICALITY Does the affirmative case
fit within the bounds
of the resolution? To be topical, the affirmative should:

1. stay within the bounds of the resolution

2. define key words and phrases Topicality Exercise Resolution: The United States Federal Government
should substantially reform it military presence
and/or military commitments. The United States Federal Government will remove all troops from South Korea. The United States Federal Government will withdraw from NATO. The United States Federal Government will remove all troops from Gibraltar. Definitions can change things! Case:
The United States Federal Government should implement a Fair Tax. The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its revenue generation policy. EXAMPLE: Definitions of Tax:
-a way for the government to raise money
-to burden, trouble, or complicate matters Significance
& Harms Why does a change need to be made? How many people are affected? 3 Questions: How badly are people being hurt? Is there a moral dilemma which can only
be solved by enacting the affirmative's plan? Are the problems directly caused by the status quo? INHERENCY There are many problems an affirmative
team could try to fix in their plan.
However, if those harms are not caused by the status quo,
the plan does not really fix anything. How do you prove that your plan passes the "Inherency Test"? Argue that the status quo is directly responsible
for causing the problems your plan corrects. Example: The affirmative claims pulling troops out of South Korea will pacify the North Korean government. North Korea is aggravated and violent. The United States has troops stationed in South Korea. North Korea is aggravated because the United States (a world power North Korea views as a threat) has troops stationed less than one-hundred miles from the DMZ line. Explain that if your plan is passed,
the problem will be solved. Example:

If the United States government pulls all of its troops out of South Korea,
North Korea will no longer see the United States as a threat they need to be ready to defend themselves against. Therefore, North Korea will be pacified. SOLVENCY Does the plan solve the problems? ADVANTAGES What great things does your plan accomplish? Does your plan:
Save Lives?
Avoid Nuclear War?
Improve the Economy?
Create a New International Alliance?
Decrease Illegal Immigration? The judge wants to hear about the positive things your plan does. Advantages:

1. Eliminate Harms

2. Are Direct Benefits of the Plan Harm: The current tax brackets are unfair.

Advantage: Under the Fair Tax every person pays taxes based on the amount they buy. The more you spend, the more you will pay in taxes. Example Case: The United States Federal Government
should implement a Fair Tax. Example Case: The United States Federal Government
should implement a Fair Tax Advantage: Because of the Prebate System which would be put in place along with the Fair Tax, everyone without a social security number would have to pay taxes on every dollar worth of goods they buy. This encourages immigrants to become legal citizens, so that they too can receive the prebate. If so tell us about it! THANKS FOR LISTENING!!! Remember! The Stock Issues are like a table.
All the legs are vital for a table to stand,
and the affirmative team must prove that their plan
meets all of the stock issue criteria in order for their
argument to remain intact. The Need-Plan Case The Comparative Advantage Case Need Plan Case displays a need for federal action
employs stock issues
develops argument that a need for change exists
develops a plan ---> plan meets need (solves)
Ask these questions when developing a plan...; 1. Is this a compelling need?
- prove the the SQ is inadequate which equals suffering
2. Is the problem inherent?
- the harm you are advocating is caused by the present system... maybe a law, a structural absence, absence of legislation, attitude
3. Does your plan meet the need?
- is it practical? is it feasible?
4. Are there added benefits? (advantages) Comparative Advantage Case a case showing the add achieves improvement over the present system
resolution calls for modifying existing policy
meaning, although existing programs could be modified in the SQ, the aff can do it better.
aff must prove they are preferred over the SQ
why do you buy a new car? FOR A BETTER ONE, DUH!

Characteristics of an Advantage
-the solution to the problem is the plan
- plan causes certain changes in the present system. these changes are ADVANTAGES
- an advantage must be shown to be significant and unite to the plan.
- meaning, it is an important and relevant outcome, highly valued by society and applicable to a large number of people. Other considerations...
a plan can have more than one advantage

not only are plans compared to the SQ,
but they are also compared to the possible
disadvantages (DA's) to the plan.

Thus, aff must prove not only does plan
outweigh SQ, but also the
possible DA's Harms
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