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Oryx and Crake Quotes

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Madison Wolfe

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Oryx and Crake Quotes

Science Fiction versus
Speculative Fiction "It was in the pills. It was in those pills I was giving away, the ones I was selling...Those pills were suppose to help people! Crake said..."(325) "I think we've managed to do away with jokes" (306) "It's a worldwide plague! It's the Red Death! What's this about it being in the BlyssPluss Pills? (326) a. Would protect user against all sexually transmitted diseases...
b.would provide unlimited supply of libido...
c. would prolong youth...
(pg 294) "Crake made the bones of the Children of Crake out of coral on the beach, and then he made their flesh out of a mango. But the Children of Oryx hatched out of an egg, a giant egg laid by Oryx herself." (96) Science fiction is prevalent in this quote because making humans out of coral and mango and producing animals from laying an egg (via a human) is quite impossible and is very imaginative. This is specifically science fiction and has no chance of happening. "The goal of the pigoon project was to grow an assortment of foolproof human-tissue organs in a transgenic knockout pig host - organs that would transplant smoothly and avoid rejection, but would also be able to fend off attacks by oppurtunistic microbes and viruses, of which there were more strains every year." (22) "They'll eat you up in a minute." When the outbreak of disease hits, Oryx tells this to Jimmy over the phone in a panic. This expresses the fact that science has taken over so much control that it can be used to destroy human life on earth (and only one person has the control and knowledge to stop it). By saying "Those pills were suppose to help people" shows that people were blindly fallowing Crake and believing everything he said. This quote appears when Jimmy is asking Crake about the Crakers and wondering what kind of traits (genes) that these new form of humans have. To do away with genes is not scientifically possible at this point (you can only edit genes to make them better). This promotes the Science Fiction aspect of the novel. I have come to this conclusion based on the other articles I have read about science fiction. These quotes explain the BlyssPluss pill and what exactly it does for humans. No pill can prolong youth (or is even close to doing this). This pill is like a "miracle" pill because it does everything that people have been dreaming about. But it has a catch, it contains a plague that Crake created to wipe out the human race. Plagues can be created which would support speculative fiction but they cannot create the other aspects of the pill (294) which makes it science fiction.
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