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Jeans Friends<3

a bunch of my friends and memories of them

Jean Robacker

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Jeans Friends<3

My Friends And All The Memories We Had Together Ariel Dawn Gonzales Where to begin with you well school is definatly a start i didnt think we could make it this far honestly but we did.. Its amazing how two strangers can become best friends. I think that we have had the best friendship ever I mean yeah we do fight but dont we always get over it. Because thats what friends do they fight and solve their problems<3 Sarah Alexis Myers<3 We've been going stong
for about 3 years now its amazing how
we used to only talk for like 3 minutes now we
can sit there and talk about anything and everything
thats on our minds.. Lol my animals and HOOCH! well i
cant believe we made it this far and we're still going<3 Morgan Seymour<3 Wow weve been friends since what 5th or 6th grade<3
I cant believe that weve been going this long. We have been through alot with each other. All the boy drama and girl drama but we always got through no matter what happened<3 i hope me and you are friends for eternity<3 Conrad Gockley<3 Where to begin with you
wow i cant believe your going to be gone soon and i wont have anyone to bug in school... We both have so many memories together, even though we do fight we always get through with a little hope.. If it wasnt for you i dont think id be so open like I am you actually listened when i needed someone to talk to and i thank you for that.

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