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Appszam -Marketing approach

No description

Damien Lim

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Appszam -Marketing approach

Mission :
To brand, distribute and promote the usage of Appszam
App seeding through various entry points
Partner sites
Paid advertisement
Organic downloads Marketing Strategy Sustained App promotion Tactical Approach Launch
Bought/owned/earned media: test and learn
Trade marketing: blogs/ roadshows/ events
Partner marketing: securing partner channels
Optimize bought media
Shifting of budget across bought, earned and owned networks to maximize user acquisition
Trade marketing : continuation of launch with speaking arrangements and sponsorships
Partner marketing: further alignment with partner and partner networks
Reach across media networks and partner networks throughout Media Strategy Consumer Approach
Target Audience :
15 and above.
Users of utility/messaging/chat apps and/or whom consume digital content like wallpapers/avatars/themes etc,
Audience who are highly engaged in social networks be it followers or followed as part of an online community/blog/trend
Messaging : Genie in Your phone
Execution: Utilizing bought/earned & owned media
Partners Approach
Target Partners: Gaming and Entertainment channels/brands
Messaging : Branding and reach/distribution for the partner
skinning Appszam to partner brand and partner icons
Recommendation of partner app and distribution of partner app Communications Strategy User Acquisition/ App Installs
To achieve 1million downloads in 6-9 months
To sustain active usage of the app
Branding and Awareness
App ranks : be in the top 3 pages of search to encourage organic app downloads Objective (KPI) Marketing Appszam Utilizing Media to captivate and entice target audience to use the app Harness the engaging rich media banners to showcase the app’s utility and fun-factor
Leading to app download
If possible, allow sharing of the app/utility or the brand

Recommended ad networks
Since this is an app drive campaign, we strongly recommend networks that are heavily skewed towards in-app placements such as Inneractive/Leadbolt/Google Admob/Vserv
Also networks that have a wide reach in gaming and entertainment publishers are also key to get Appszam across like-minded users. These are Adsmobi, Inmobi, Vserv Media Execution: Ad networks for Branding & Awareness App install ad*
Build an app install ad in Power Editor or API
Choose to advertise in mobile news feed only *Mobile only placement. Media Execution Through Social Networks - Facebook: App recommenders places and recommends new apps to their users who are avid app downloaders or seeking for new apps to use

This has proven to be successful for those who want to see a quick burst in app downloads for a particular duration

As this tactic boost downloads in a short period of time it also pushes the app up the ranks in the app store

Typical daily performance : 5000 – 15000 downloads per day per recommended app

Effective cost per download : USD 1 – USD3

Recommended placements: once every two weeks Media Execution: App Recommenders Launch Tactical Approach App Promotion Strategy Aim:
Increase ranking of app
To boost organic downloads

Front load the first stage/launch
Focus on the days of the week that see historically higher downloads (mid to end of the week)

Download the
HP eSupplies App here! We only pay for completed engagements-in this case downloads
No media waste

How it works
Consumers chose to Interact with Brands while immersed in their passion
Brands Define the Activity Desired
Brands only Pay when the Desired Engagement is Completed
The Value Exchange Model Drives Brand Affinity Media Execution :Through incentivized networks Create rich user experiences that encourage customers to engage with the brand and share with friends through Rich media, Augmented reality and/or Video execution Brand Awareness Tactical Approach User Acquisition/ Installs Brand Awareness (Promotional) Sustained app promotion

Launch Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2012 Amobee, Inc. Media Strategy Approach PERIODIC RANK FLUCTUATIONS Use burst campaigns to counteract dips RANK RISING RANK STEADY Use burst campaign to increase rank.
A sustained media campaign maintains rank Take advantage of app success to accelerate to the top of the rankings RANK FALLING Use sustained spend to increase & then maintain rank Different stages of App ranks 3 2 1 Active usage Volume of downloads over a rolling 72 hours Consumer ratings 3 main factors App Popularity/ ranks Results Execution Planning Total: RM506,500 Optimization
RM59,500 (12%) Strategy
RM50,000 (9%) Bought/ Earned/ Owned Media
RM250,000 (50%) Partner Marketing
RM82,000 (16%) Trade Marketing
(13%) Marketing Investment By including tactics to generate general awareness of a brand, the $’s spent on the rest of the journey will be more impactful Tactical Branding $ $ App Engagement Installs $ $ $ Brand Awareness Repeat Conversions Maximise User Pool
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