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Economic Business Project

No description

Gen Mata

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Economic Business Project

Economic Business Project
My Business in Detail
Sole proprietorship
Sports Photography
What we provide:
Travel Photographer
Online Submit Options
Poster Creations
Edit and Effects
Sports Card Creations
Where Were Located
353 Main Street, Salinas, Ca 93901
I chose this location because it was a well known photography company in the past.
Action Shots & Our Philosophy
At Action shots, the only thing that matters is making the customer look good. We guarantee satisfaction or your money back, no questions asked! We try our absolute best to provide a friendly service that focuses on the athelete and what makes them happy. We take our best quality photos using excellent edits and create incredible posters and accessories to highlight athletes all around.
My name is Gen, and I am here to present to you - My future business plan
On The Inside
Target Market
Our target market would be all athletes young and old! Even retired. Because all athletes should have the opprotunity to feel like a pro. And with the help of our online submit option we can restore old photos!
Why We ARE Better
Thank You
Action shots is better because we are passionate about what we do so you could be sure that we try our absolute best on our projects. Other photography studios don't focus on a single type of picture taking. We also have a donation link on our website to help buy or fix our equipment when needed.
My proposal is $220,000 for 10%
Here's Why...
$10,000 for advertising
$100,000 for enlarging the shop
$75,000 for 3 more employees
$15,000 for supplies
$20,000 more equipment
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