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Rebranding Places Revision

AS Geography Edexcel Unit 2 Rebranding Places

Ben Phillips

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Rebranding Places Revision

Rebranding Places
The worst place to live in the UK Causes Effects
High unemployment
Cheapest homes in the UK
2001 census showed 7% population decrease
Aesthetic value decreased
Few fishing trawlers left Background Information
Bombed heavily in WW2
Hull grew rapidly in 19th century due to expansion of fishing industry Drug related crime
Isolated by estuary."Core and Periphery".
Low GCSE results=No skilled workforce
Great Depression caused shipyards to close
Traditional industries struggling against global competition
Regeneration Schemes The Deep
£45.5 million
World's first submarium
Created 400 jobs
Brings in visitors
Received lottery funding
2 million visitors
Accomodates 40 businesses Humber Quays
£165 million project
High quality offices and hotels
New jobs
Attracted investment
Regenerating old dockland area
The Port Preston Road St Stephens and Paragon Station In 2006 Hull was not in the top 10 worst places to live in the UK The Need For Rebranding What is a place profile?
A description which economically, environmentally and socially describes an area
The more evidence collected the more accurate Allows me to:
Determine whether an area is in need of rebranding
Has a regeneration scheme been successful Is Rebranding always positive? Enhances image of city Catalyst for further economic growth Atrract new residents, businesses and tourists. Benefits the locals Benefits not enjoyed by everyone Gentrification Increased difference between different areas of the city Rural Rebranding 1.5% have broadband connection in rural areas Lack of affordable housing Services closing down. 2 rural pubs shut down per day. 1400 post offices shut down Lack of transport and leisure facilities Case Study:Hartley Farm
Families farming history dates back to late 19th century
Business expanded
Farming policies meant it diversified
Farm shop and cafe opened, fair amount of produce sold comes from the farm itself Case Study Lobb's Farm Shop

Located in south Cornwall
£30k a year from 800 acres
Potential market of 463,000 people visiting nearby attractions
14 full time jobs
£600,000 in three years Agriculture: Key Terms

Post productionism: Changes on farming practices, shifting emphasis away from maximum yields and more towards a sustainable future
Diversification: "Changing".Setting up of agricultural enterprises to increase farm income. 40% of farms now rely on diversified enterprises as their main source of income. Agriculture Changes
Relied on the EU's CAP (Common Agricultural Policy)
Introduced 50 years ago
Accounts for 48% of the EU budget as of 2006
Gives european farmers direct subsidies and guarantee markets for their produce
Alleviates competition from abroad Rebranding through Sport London 2012 Case Study
9000 people working on it
Area of transformation is the same size as Hyde Park
Stadium will hold 80,000 people
2,800 new homes after the games
How do stakeholders differ from the beginning to the end of a project? Beginning:
People leading the project & advisors
Sponsors, fundraisers
Local decision makers
Advisors End
End users (customers, visitors etc)
Press and publicists
Local community Rebranding through Culture Liverpool was named as ECoC for 2008 Why might Liverpool need rebranding?
Negative media image
Decline of docks Culture as a tool for rebranding
Create a more desirable environment
Attract rich/wealthy
Change in media
Promote multiculturalism More than £300 million invested in infrastructure
Attract investment
Changing perception
Croxteth gang problem
But development is limited to a 2 mile radius
Attract tourists
Increase employment
"Doesn't mean anything", "don't see city people benefiting Festivals in Liverpools made millions
Economic benefit was £800 million
Higher business start up and lower failure level
Tourism rate increased by 45% Why is Cornwall deprived?
"Core and Periphery theory". Cornwall is periphery. Located far from centre of wealth (Core)
Poor transport links
Cheaper to live there (+VE), but depopulation as people look for better jobs
Decline in primary industry
Mining. Exhaustion of tin industry, collapse in tin prices due to increased competition from abroad
UK tin is more expensive overseas due to exchange rate
Fishing: EU quotas have allocated fish supplies to other countries
Over fishing causing depleted fish stocks
Tourism industry is only seasonal, directly employs 25%, 33% of profits of tourism does not stay in Cornwall
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