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ENGL 0091 The Writing Process

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 31 August 2018

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Transcript of ENGL 0091 The Writing Process

Your Personalized Writing Process
Stage 1: Planning, Prewriting
Stage 2: Scratch Outlining
Stage 3: Drafting
The Writing Process
What do you already do?
What do you want to try differently?
3 other writing tips from this dude?
Plan for today...
Talk about the tried-and-true writing process
why: so you can plan your writing process experiments for our first round of writing
Get invisible ideas out of your head
Consider the audience, purpose
Let your essay take shape
Plan the shape
Stage 4: Collaboration
Stage 5: Revision
Stage 6: Editing/Proofreading
Adding the polish
Stage 7: Check Against the Assignment
Assignment says: Essay must have two handles and a delicate leaf design
FIRST: Figure out
you're doing to do each stage
Stage 1:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Planning, Prewriting
Stage 2:
Drafting (for a rough draft)
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Editing / Proofreading
Stage 7:
Check Against the Assignment
Study your Writing Process Quiz. What do you already do well? What part of your writing process should you stick with?
Then, what part of the process needs work? Plan on one thing you'll do differently for our first round of writing.
Review proper punctuation and capitalization

why: so we can use proper grammar rules immediately
As many as you can
What to write about
details for your topic
We'll get feedback through workshops
We'll talk about revision strategies soon
What can you add to your Balloon of Abilities WS?
Review: 7 stages?
Writer's Block
What is it?
see ws
The down draft
making writing work for you (and not the other way around)
See specific strategies for prewriting

and outlining!
See separate Prezi
change the shape/form to better fit the assignment

Take the Writing Inventory,
Take a break!
After the break...Reading Plus Personalization!
Types of Prewriting
a. Listing
b. Brainstorming (using brainstorming questions pg. 12)
c. Clustering
d. Freewriting
e. Journaling
f. Working Together
g. Writing Blindfolded
h. Looping

i. Examining Your Topic From Different Angles
j. Questionnaires
k. Writing a blog
l. Writing an exploratory draft
m. Relating the topic to your own experiences
n. Finding a fresh topic
o. Talking to a recorder
p. Writing a poem
q. Writing about your writer’s block
r. Identifying the purpose and audience
s. Developing your own writing topic

Get our personalized Reading Plus Plans
Get the grammar stuff out of the way
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