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Copy of Sea breeze & Land breeze

No description

Amy Johnson

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Sea breeze & Land breeze

Sea Breeze and Land Breeze
6th Grade Science
Before The Lesson
1. The surface of the sea warms up slower than the land's surface.
2. Air moves from the higher pressure area to the lower pressure area
It is also known as a thermal circulations.
Particles are packed
So they move here where is less dense
What is Sea Breeze?
: A wind from the sea that develops over land near coasts.
It occurs during day time.
Why? Because the water is heated up slower than the land
Therefore, the water is colder than the land during day.
Is heated by the land, and it rises. (low pressure)
The cold air has high pressure, and it replaces the warm air, which...
Therefore, the wind flows from the sea to land.
Particles get excited when they get energy (heat),
and they are expanded to larger area.
What is Land Breeze?
: A wind flow that moves from the land to ocean.
wind flow
It occurs during night time.
It's opposite to the sea breeze.
During night time, the land is colder than the sea
because the water is cooled down slower than the land.
The air is heated up by the sea and it rises. (low pressure)
The cold air from the land replaces the warm air (high pressure)
Therefore, the land breeze flow from the land to sea.
wind flow
What is a Sea Breeze Front?
: weather front created by a sea breeze. (also known as a convergence zone)
The cold air from the sea meets and interacts with the warmer air from the land and creates a boundary.
What are the effects?
: If the air is unstable and humid, the front can bring thunderstorms.
: It may influence the weather of inland areas by creating fog.
Most importantly, the sea moderates the difference of temperature during the daytime, and the land warms the water.
a. The air flows from low pressure to high pressure.
1. True or False?
False! The air flows from high pressure to low pressure because the particles are packed at the high pressure area.
c. The sea breeze is the wind flow toward the sea.
b. The water heats up slower than the land.
True! The land heats up faster than the water because it is more dense, and easier to transport the energy.
False! The sea breeze is a wind from the sea.
d. The land breeze occurs during the night time.
True! It occurs during the night time because the land is colder than the water.
e. The sea breeze and land breeze may cause fog.
True! It may influence the inland areas.
2. Choose a right answer
A. The air flows from the high pressure to low pressure. It is also known as ........................
1. The air flow theory

2. sea convergence

3. thermal circulation

4. thermal cycle
b. The sea breeze flows from ................. during .................
1. sea, day time

2. sea, night time

3. land, day time

4. land, night time
The sea breeze flows from sea during day time
c. If the air is unstable and humid, the sea front can bring ...............
1. lunar eclipse

2. earthquake

3. thunderstorm
Thank You
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