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2016 Global Unity Games Results and Overview

This presentation is an overview of the output, outcomes, and impact of the 2016 Global Unity Games. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Jon Ramer

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of 2016 Global Unity Games Results and Overview

Sanya Richards
Nimo Patel
Wharton Business School
MTV Rapper
Empty Hands Music
Gandhi Ashram
Green Sheikh
Compassionate United Arab Emirates
Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding
BlueYouth 10,000 Youth in 18 Countries
Four Time Olympic Gold Medalist
9/11 Day NYC
9/21 UN Global Summit
Secret Agents of Compassion
Stand for Compassion
Compassionate California
Featured "Way to Play"
Santa Clara County: First Compassionate County?
Affirm Charter for Compassion and Launch Campaign
"Free of Charge" Handyman
"Repair Affair"
Mentor to 18 Year Old
Moderates Transgender Website
"If I can help one person find their way..."
Santa Clara County
City of San Jose
City of Milpitas
265 Teams in 40 Countries
Compassion Relays
Organized Projects
Volunteer Activities
100's of Events
Connected Global Unity Calendar to Amplify and Extend Reach
Dream Team
Pass the Torch
Women and Girls
Global Youth League
Faith and Interfaith
Mission Inspired Reports
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Over 400 Reports
Compassion Hubs
and Places
Compassion Report Map
Daily Missions
International Kindness Team
Pass the Torch at
Mountain View
Art and Wine Festival
Passing the Torch
Compassion Relay
Dream Team
Step 4:
#CompassionUnites Images
452 Reports Submitted
Compassionate California
Building Sustainable and Compassionate Regions
Silicon Valley
Capitol Region
Santa Monica

Compassionate United Arab Emirates
Ending Poverty and Zero Hunger
Improve Health and Education
Climate Action
29 Teams
36 Reports
Over $7 Million Donated
Compassionate Austin and Dallas/FW
Peace, Justice & Reconciliation
South Sedan
South Africa
Quality Education
Climate Action and Protecting Mother Earth
Reduced Inequalities and Ending Hunger
Affordable and clean energy
Clean water
Life on Land
Global Game Changers
Team Epic
United Arab Emirates
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United States
No Poverty - Zero Hunger
Reduced Inequalities
Peace and Sustainable Development

United States of America

Gender Equality
Good Health and Well-Being
Quality Education
End Poverty
Peace, Justice and Reconciliation
Climate Action and Protecting Mother Earth
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of Americs
Play for Peace
Social Media Live
Facebook and Twitter
Zero Hunger
Peace and Justice
Sustainable Communities
20 Teams
31 Reports

Catalyst to Ignite Engagement

Amplifier of What's Already Working

Framework and Baseline for Measuring Strength

Engaging Environment for Learning and Reflection

Platform for Cultivating Open Participation

Connection to a Global Movement
71,0225 Indivudual Volunteers
265 Teams
Over 50 Amazing Partners!
Six Lasting Impacts
Six of the Seven Continents (No One in Antarctica Yet)!
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