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josephine vega

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of DPS

Our Entertainment Resort

Stanley Watkins
Chief Financial Officer

Amy Watkins
President of Family Entertainment

Jerrod Washington
Chief Marketing Officer

Contact Information

The Tva Parks Show Positive Talk Show
Audio Deadline Reality
Restaurant Wars Reality
Big Man on Campus Reality
The Reel Deal Las Vegas Reality
Teen TV Teen Talk Show
Cooking w/ Rome Cooking
Reality District Entertainment Magazine
Proper Manors Television Drama
Livin Dee Life Entertainment Fashion
Proper Education Educational Talk Show
Time Out Sports Talk Show
Flying for Liberty Talk Show

Television Shows in Production

James Bird
Mahalia Jackson Story
RushHour 4
Thirteenth Witness
The Whale
Black Luna
Day of War

Plus several other Projects to be announced

Slate of Motion Pictures

Penny Marshall, Hollywood Film Director/Producer
Rob Reiner, Hollywood Film Director/Producer
Tony Christopher, CEO Landmark Entertainment
Nicolas Cage, Hollywood Actor/Producer
Sid Liufau, Industry Veteran Actor
Adryenn Ashley, President, 21st Century Pictures
Alvin James , Television Entrepreneur
Sandra Cavanaugh, Writer & Director
Mike Dean, Contractor/Developer

Proposed Board of Advisors

The Desert Palms Studios State of the Art Film & TV Studio
Desert Palms Film Works Motion Picture Production
Desert Palms Television Broadcasting Television Production
Desert Palms Television Network Television Network
Desert Palms Entertainment Theme Park Management
Desert Palms Properties On Property Leasing
Desert Palms Hospitality Hotel Management
Desert Palms Restaurant Group Restaurant Management
Desert Palms Ventures Corporate Investments
Desert Palms Giving Non Profit Division
Desert Palms Lyric Records Major Record Label

The Desert Palms Global Companies Group

Mr. Stanley Watkins , Chairman
Mr. Tony Christopher, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Bill Ewing, Chief Operational Officer
T B A , Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Ronald Wimberly, Chief Administration Officer
Mr. Jerrod Washington, Chief Marketing Officer
Mrs. Amy Watkins , President of Desert Palms Family Entertainment
Mrs. Penny Marshall, Exec VP, Operations
Mr. Rory Johnston, President of Desert Palms Film Works
Mr. Kenneth Parker, Exec VP, Desert Palms Film Works
Ms. Alana Lee, Exec VP, Desert Palms Television Broadcasting
Mr. Patrick Williams, Exec VP, Desert Palms Television Network
Mr. Loic Pillon, Exec VP, Desert Palms Real Estate Division
Mr. Kody Brown, Exec VP, Desert Palms Properties
Mr. Marquise Smith, Exec VP, Desert Palms Hospitality
Mr. Bernard Stewart, Exec VP, Desert Palms Sports Properties
Mr. John Thomas, Exec VP, Desert Palms Restaurant Group
Mr. Giovanni Jackson, Exec VP, Desert Palms Lyric Records

Entertainment Resort Management

Investment Opportunity


Equity/debt financing for a total investment of $2.5 Billion Dollars for the development, ownership and operation of a Family Media and Entertainment Resort in Las Vegas.

Includes: needed capital for purchase and renovation of the corporate offices and all ancillary needs of the corporation.

Return: through receipt of all net profits generated from the exploitation of all revenue streams available to the entertainment resort anticipated complete return of investment capital by the end of the fifth year of operations or sooner, with significant returns on investment continuing forward.

We are offering an Equity position in the Company and significant dividends to all investors. Our goal is to return a higher percentage than normal due to the enormous upside in the industries that we are focusing on.

Investment Opportunity

Full time and Part Time Employment for 7,000 locals
Potential Revenue for the State of Nevada (Billions of dollars)
Mentoring/Internships for students interested in Media, etc.
Family Recreation and Entertainment
Public Private Partnerships
Field Trips for local schools
Non-gaming Facilities
Limited Smoking Sections
Family Friendly uniforms throughout park
Engaging Activities for Children through Adults

Social Benefits

Entertainment Resort Xperience

Motion Picture Sound Stages: 10 (355,125 Sq. Ft.) (One w/1.4M gallon Water Tank)

Television Sound Stages: 3 (54,385 Sq. Ft.) (With 7 total TV Studios)

CGI Sound Stages: 1 (32,378 Sq. Ft.)

Post Production Facilities: 3 (79,060 Sq. Ft.) (With 10 total Editing Bays)

Music Studios: 1 (10,875 Sq. Ft.) (With 3 total Recording Studios)

Total Buildings: 20 (561,910 Sq. Ft.) Including Executive offices

Total Property Buildings: 55 (1,049,410 Sq. Ft.)

Desert Palms Studios Resort

Xperience Management Group LLC:
Formed as a Limited Liability Company in 2013 in the state of Nevada
Converting to a “C” Corporation in 2015
Headquarters: 2005 Cedar Hills St. Las Vegas, NV 89128 until the permanent location is constructed

Corporate Structure

In the world of Theme Parks and Attractions, Landmark Entertainment Group stands at the cutting edge of "experiential design" having created the most innovative and successful themed attractions of the last ten years.

Landmark is responsible for creating such recent hit attractions as

3D for Universal Studios Florida,
JURASSIC PARK: THE RIDE for Universal Studios Hollywood,
The M&Ms ACADEMY for the Mars Corporation,
The Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas,
ALIENS 3-D for Everland,
JAMES BOND 007: LICENSE TO THRILL for all five of the Paramount Parks

We are excited to have Tony Christopher and Landmark Entertainment Group as partners.

The Desert Palms
Strategic Partnership

Entertainment Resort Basic Layout

Business Plan Presentation
State of the Art Entertainment Resort

40% of total budget committed through EB-5 money
$1 Billion
Non-equity position
Letter of Intent
Firm has executed 1/3 of all EB-5 in the United States
Hold a Gold Standard Rating

Potential Investments

These state of the art studios will encompass live-streaming to 136 countries. We will have our own television network. We have Bill Ewing (from Sony Pictures ) and Penny Marshall (actor, producer, director) as well as others.

Desert Palms Studios

LEVEL 1 - for general public:
Personal trainers
Nutrition programs available
Healthy food options – Muscle Maker Grill
Pre-combine facility for NFL players
Healing Spa

LEVEL 2 - private for high-profile clients

Michelle Minks
Professional Athlete in the IFBB Bikini Division
Playboy Miss Social 2014
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Pre-Med
ACE certification in Personal Training
Celebrity Gym And Spa

Starr Road


Las Vegas Blvd

Cactus Road

Entertainment Resort Location
260 ACRES - located East of I-15, West side borders on Las Vegas Blvd
North borders new exit on Cactus Rd and South border close to St. Rose Parkway

A place to celebrate the stars.
Lose yourself in the lore and the legends.
Over 100 years of picture making Broad demographic appeal, Emerald City Entrance, Hall of Illusion, Green Screen Room,
Iconic Sets from Classic Films, Private Costume Collections, Walk-through Camera, All genres,
Interactive exhibits,
Hall of Stars,
FAN driven awards.

Motion Picture Hall Of Fame

"Themed" Celebrity Hotel

Exclusive rights
to build the FIRST
Michael Jackson Museum
180 paintings by Michael
Hundreds of pieces of memorabilia
A place…
to honor his life
for fans to remember &
memorable location for weddings.

Michael Jackson’s Museum

Reality District

Geared towards family-friendly entertainment for all ages. It will encompass 7-story steel slides and will focus on entertainment, various authentic world cuisines and the newest “cool” place to be.


Amusement park with 2-3 of the best rated thrill rides available in Phase I. More to follow.
Kiddie area which engages toddlers and younger children with it’s own characters!

Amusement Park

KidZania is a family entertainment center where children play adult roles in a child-sized replica of an actual city with streets, buildings, shops as well as vehicles moving along its streets. In this city, children learn about the adult world, active social interaction and the value of money and work.


Featuring many of the best water slides available as well as a BEACH area and a boogie board experience!

Indoor Water Park

Over 50 boutiques featuring Reality Stars from all different genres and networks.
A place for fans to come see their favorites!

Restaurant Row has an assortment of restaurants not currently located in Las Vegas. Cracker Barrel, John’s Incredible Pizza Co. and Squeeze Inn are just a few whom are interested in having a presence on our location.

Reality District & Restaurant Row


Focusing on entertainment for teens, this location will focus on entertainment that includes bowling, arcade, roller skating, laser-tag arena, karaoke VIP party rooms, sports arena area, movie theaters, intimate venue for local bands and dance artists.


Ritz-Carlton has agreed to flag one
of our hotels.
With 100 years of history the Ritz-Carlton has been recognized with numerous awards for being the gold standard of hospitality.

DBA Desert Palms Studios

Boutiques have large windows inviting guests to be part-of-the-action by watching chefs cooking, incredible cake decorating, hair and make-up, tattoos, car restoration, book signings,
meet-n-greets and much more!
Themed hotel rooms will have photographs, memorabilias and even design pieces created with the assistance of artists, sports players, musicians, etc.

Each themed room will be one-of-kind!
Offering: $2.5 Billion
Minimum Commitment: $250 Million
Term: 8 years
Management Fee: 1% ($25 Million)
General Partners: .5% ($12.5 Million)
Target Number of Investors: 5 to 10
Investment Period: 3 to 5 years
Preferred Return: 10%

Desert Palms Global

Bringing the "New Hollywood" to Las Vegas
State of the Art Entertainment Resort
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