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No description

Lisa Zammit Endrich

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Storytelling

PRE 2710 - Storytelling

by Jacqueline Farrugia,
Krista Migneco,
Julia Zammit,
Lisa Zammit Endrich Year 3 Class
San Anton School Our apprehensions Concern whether there might be some children who comment about Santa not being real and ruining the fantasy for others. Concern that the children might have read the story beforehand. We were only allotted 30
minutes by the Head of School We were unable to rearrange the classroom layout and therefore were concerned about how the seating plan might affect our lesson Introduction Using Christmas related items and props to elicit the focus of the story Enabled the children to share their ideas about what they thought story was about. Hiding the items and book in a box proved to be quite effective in capturing the children's attention. Development We divided the text into three characters: The narrator, Santa and Holly. We managed to effectively communicate the story through our reading by changing the tone of our voices. Final Activity The children were asked questions about their own Christmas experiences as well as questions pertaining to the story. This helped us assess their understanding and gain some personal insight into their experiences. We asked each student to write a small wish list to Santa asking for one thing this Christmas. The students posted their letter into our Christmas box - keeping within the theme of sending letters . Evaluation Goals were met. The things that concerned us before the session did not hinder the delivery of the lesson. The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the story and were delighted that the book was Christmas-related. The chilren seemed eager to hear about Holly's story and share their own experiences. Our initial excitement caused us to be quite nervous at the start of the lesson but we became more comfortable as the lesson progressed. Positive feedback from the class teacher as well as the students was very encouraging. Overall successful learning experience for both ourselves and the children. END That the children would be able to answer key questions about the story. Thus proving that they understood. That the children would be able to relate the story to their own personal experiences of Christmas. Our Goals
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