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Yale New Haven Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response : Contingency Planning

Team Cyborgs

Nida Beig

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Yale New Haven Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response : Contingency Planning

DISASTER PLANNING: Regional, National and International
Yale New Haven Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response:
Contingency Planning
Team Cyborgs
Yale New Haven Health System Organizational Chart
Largest and most comprehensive integrated healthcare delivery system in Connecticut.
YNHHS operates three large hospitals and numerous affiliated organizations.
In 2001, YNHHS was designated as a Center of Excellence for Bio-terrorism preparedness and response by the State of Connecticut by DPH
Leadership role in regional coordination
Work with DPH to develop better ways to monitor and detect bio-chemical incidents
Assess the ability of Connecticut hospitals to provide emergency services
As a result the
Yale New Haven Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
was established!
Contingency Planning:
Allows for an organization to be prepared for the unexpected

Identify possible crisis situations and its impacts
Manage organizations level of risk
Train parties for consistent understanding of procedures and terminology
Recurring drills and exercises
Identify the status of emergency preparedness within the YNHHS member hospitals
Prepare YNHHS to respond effectively to emergency preparedness and disaster response issues
Provide leadership to healthcare delivery organizations and the workforce involved.
To serve as a model for emergency preparedness and disaster response at national and international levels
Advice organizations on the development of standards and policies for emergency preparedness and disaster response in healthcare delivery organizations.
Objectives of YNHHS
Mission : To develop and deliver services that help with disaster control
Infrastructure requirements
Medical Personnel
Equipment & Supplies
Emergency communication systems

1. Medical Personnel
Volunteer Medical Reserve corps unit
Statewide emergency credentialing program
Database accessible to all hospitals
Endorsed as a national model

2. Facilities
Portable hospital
Functional in 6 - 48 hours
$3M medical equipment
Quarantine facility
Training use

3. Equipment & Supplies
In house supplies
Local Healthcare organizations
State Agencies
Federal resources
Strategic National stockpile(SNS)
Hospital Medical Stockpiling Strategy
4. Emergency Communication Systems
Redundant Satellite telephone systems

New initiatives:
Additional courses
Recruit more volunteers
Improve interoperability
Expand partnerships

Looking Ahead...
Within the YNHHS, center for emergency preparedness and disaster response implemented the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS)
It gets activated upon orders from an incident commander, in case of a disaster
They address needs assessments and identify gaps in emergency preparedness
The integrated planning approach is endorsed as a national model by the joint commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Maryland Dept of Public Health, Rhode Island Dept of Health, New York State Dept of Health

In conjunction with federal agencies and organizations, they develop emergency management standards and programs

Pan American Health Organization and WHO to disseminate emergency preparedness programs throughout the world

DPH contracted with the center : Provide training and education in emergency preparedness and disaster response

Emergency preparedness educational needs
Associated knowledge of the employees
Adaptability of the existing courses

Disaster planning initiatives
Surveys : Identify the healthcare delivery workers’ level of education
Collaboration with Universities
Center’s online education : Free and accessible to all
Two courses:
Emergency management 102
Incident Command Systems (ICS) for Health Care
Other expected courses :
- Introduction to personal protective equipment, infections control and decontamination
- Bio terrorism Preparedness for Clinicians
- Mental Health Aspects of Emergencies and Disasters for Non-Mental Health Professionals
Clinical Strategies
Universally Respiratory Etiquette protocol
Connecticut Hospital Radiation Response
Biodosimetry laboratory
Data Analysis
Clinical Strategies

1.)Universally Respiratory Etiquette protocol
2.)Connecticut Hospital Radiation Response
3.) Biodosimetry laboratory
4.) Data Analysis

Thank you
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