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Student Funding Checklist

No description

James Connor

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of Student Funding Checklist

Student Travel Discounts
You could be entitled to a discounted oyster travel card for a 1/3 off all season ticket travel in London. The 18+ Oyster photocard can be applied for through the TFL website -
You can also get more information about your eligibility on the University of Westminster's website. Please search for travel discounts in the search bar.
You may also be eligible for the 16-25 railcard. Please see their website for more information -
When do I receive my first instalment of student finance?
Once you have completed your enrolment with your registry office you should receive your first instalment of student finance within 3-5 working days or the date detailed on your student finance payment schedule.
If you don’t, please contact the student funding office to check if your registration has been confirmed. Our email address is
If you have any concerns over your actual finance application, it is best to contact the SFE student helpline directly on -
0300 100 0607

Emergency short term loans
The student funding office can provide an emergency short term loan for unforeseen financial emergencies. These loans are usually small (£50) and will only be given to students who can demonstrate such a need. Relevant evidence must be provided if a student wants to secure a loan. These loans must be repaid within 4 weeks.
If you're experiencing an unforeseen financial emergency please contact the student funding office to discuss whether we are able to help you.
Student Funding Checklist
Have you applied for your Student Finance?
Please make sure you have signed and returned your declaration letter to student finance. You can check this by going to your online student finance account.
Please check that your student finance application is profiled against the
University of Westminster'
These two things need to be done before you can receive your first instalment of maintenance loan from the Student Loans Company.
Living Expenses Support Scheme (LESS)
LESS is more!
You should apply for this grant if you require some financial assistance during the academic year. We recommend all eligible first years submit an application.
The scheme opens on the 3rd of October 2016 and closes June 2017. You can submit one application per academic year.
There is no guarantee of an award. But awards can range from £100 - £3,000.
For more information please see our webpage -
Student Funding contact details
Telephone number
- 0203 506 6989
- studentfunding@westminster.ac.uk
- Cavendish House - 1st Floor, 101 New Cavendish Street, W1W 6XH
Drop-in service
- 12-4pm, Monday-Friday and 10am-4pm on a Wednesday at Harrow campus (Student Services).
Welcome to the University of Westminster!!

Please take a few minutes to watch this short presentation about your student finance and funding options.
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