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Myself & My Role

Darren N

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of LEAD TEACHER

Lead Teacher
My background
My Role In School
The path travelled
1999 Joined Tampines Primary School
2001 LH ICT
2003 HOD ICT
2005 MOE HQ
Educational Technologies Division
Research & Development Section
Research on ICT Use
Worked with IDA on the Backpack.NET Initiative with Microsoft & HueLabs
Games in Education
Canberra Pri School
Crescent Girls
River Valley High
British Journal of Educational Technology
(BJET) - Lim, Nonis & Hedberg (2004)
Literature Reviews
MOE Website
Piloted programme in 2004
Worked with NIE
Worked with Promethean & Smartboard
Published research paper on IWB with NIE
Helped schools implement IWB in a pedagogically sound manner
Visited HK IWB Schools
London Conference of
Educational Technology
On Core team that developed
the Classroom of the Future
(COTf) - in NIE
Hougang Pri School
Temasek Poly
Guided LEAD ICT Schools
Conducted Induction for New MOE HQ Personnel
on Pedagogy & Instructional Design
Presented on Gaming in Education
3D Virtual Learning Environment in Education
Gaming In Education @
Conducted 3D Virtual Learning Environments
Course for DDMers
Member of By(i)tes Evaluation Panel
for Canberra Pri School
2007 - Back to
Tampines Pri School as
2010 - Lead Teacher
Made the switch to follow my passion
- Teaching Track
Interactive Whiteboard Initiative
About myself & my background
My roles in school
As a Lead Teacher
My Roles in School
ST1 - Achieving Academic Excellence
PoETEL Mentor (Quality Instruction in Classrooms)
Promote the effective use of ICT
Conduct and guide ongoing research
P6 Form Teacher
ST1 - Achieving Academic Excellence
Practices of Effective Teaching &
Engaged Learning (PoETEL)
This structure develops a whole school
professional practice - it builds a frame
for the PLC.

Teachers speak a common language that is
understood by all - it develops an effective
community of practice. (CoP)
Managing Lesson Study
A whole school approach - every teacher and level is involved
Purpose is to Improve professional practice (PLTs)
Continued research & learning
Achieving academic excellence (ST1)
Share good practice - eg WALS
World Lesson Study Conference (HK)
Australian Curriculum Association Conference (Aust)
Study Trip to:
Harvard University
Stanford University
Michigan University
Birmingham University
PoETEL Mentor
Conduct lesson demonstrations for teachers.
Advise teachers on the use of PoETEL.
Induction programme for beginning & new teachers.
Assist and vet research papers written by teachers.
Share PoETEL locally and overseas.

Interactive Whiteboard Advocate
Assist teachers in the effective use of IWB for lessons.
Conduct lesson demonstration for teachers - trying out new tools like ActivVote.
Worked out a scheme with the British Council to train teachers on the pedagogical use of IWB in the classroom.
Started the use of IWB in the school with 4 IWBs in 2007 - today we have 30 and almost all teachers are trained to use the IWB effectively.
ICT Champion
Assist the HOD ICT in promoting the use of ICT.
Conduct school and level sharing on the effective use of ICT for teaching and learning.
Guide teachers who are willing to try new ICT tools eg audioblogs, Webspiration, iEtherPad, Wikis, etc
Thank You
Working with Prof Colin Marsh of
Curtin University in advancing PoETEL
==> Focus on Pupils

Advancing PoETEL
As A Lead Teacher
Benefit of not being an EXCO member
Teachers are comfortable with a peer
A Link between EXCO, STs and the teachers
A mentor and a guide (a friend)
Promote efficacy in teaching
Promote research to better improve practice
Role model
To lead as a peer - a powerful idea

ICT in English Teaching (EZ Sharing)
Problem-based Learning (TN)
Audioblogging in language learning (ICET)
PoETEL (TLLM Conference)
Podcasting@TPS (EZ Sharing)
Games@TPS (EZ COE@Victoria)
Hot Potatoes (National ICT Sharing)
Using Flowcharts in Science Teaching (HK)
WetPaint in English Teaching (National ICT Sharing)
Webspiration & iEtherpad in Language Teaching (National ICT Sharing)
S5 Cluster Sharing at St Andrew's Junior
ST3 - Enabling & Empowering Staff
Manage Lesson Study (School-wide)
Advancing PoETEL Research
Leading a team of STs with the aim of improving teaching and learning in school.
Lesson Study (School-wide)
Manage continuing research on PoETEL
Worked with IP Heads (The Team) (2009 - 2011)
Guided team on research methods and tools
Managed core team on the writing of research papers
From 2011 - Guiding a team of STs

Focus on Pupils
Additional Roles - Cluster / Zonal Work
EXCO member of the COE for Research at TJC
Cluster ST Committee

2011 Release
The PoETEL Booklet
- sharing of the concept
Focused on Effective Pedagogies
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