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Happy Mother's Day Mom

Photo presentation of our family.

Spencer Christensen

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of Happy Mother's Day Mom

Happy Mother's Day Mommy! (: Ames doin' what she does best! Ames Lynn Christensen, born October 5, is a PFFS (Pro Fisherman Fo'Sho!) The girls of the family. From left to right: Spencer, Sydney, Olivia, and Jordan. Like Mother like daughter. Jordan and Ames sharing a, what normal people would look at this picture and say...but not to these two, "moment." Cutiest two people in the WORLD. Dallen and Spencer Another one of those "moments." Jordan and Ames after a long horrible child bearing birth of life which was SO horrible it will probably make Lifetime. First beach trip. This may have been Dallen's first, but it DEF. was not ours. Hoover Cat. Just thought this would be funny Victory Lane. This is the MOST Hilbilliest place I have probably ever been to in my LIFE. Never tell "drunk" people from the "woods" something is FREE or its FREE to get in. The after the HARD birth. Dallen and Ames. Clemson Game. The place we spend most of or any free time we get. Clemson University... GO TIGERS! On the way home from school. Savannah. Enough said. Burton's Car. Spencer and Jake in front of Jeff Burton's race car. *Did you know that "race car" spelled backwards is "race car." Car ride. Dallen in the car on the way to the store. (kinda blurry) Hospital. Dallens first picture... ALONE. Calm down Ames. Ames needs to calm down with the 'wins' (i mean i dont mind the trips dont get me wrong) and the flag waving on T.V. Lover. Undercover Lover is all you need to know. Spence has picked her up a man in Daytona. LOL "OMG mom, he looked at me, I think we're engaged." Myrtle Beach. Jordan, Jake, and Spencer in Myrtle Beach. Brotherly Sisterly Love. NOT. These two barely could stand to talk to each other until May of 2010 when Jacoby graduated from Thomas Heyward Academy. Now? Bestfriends. Cool Picture. Spence is half here. Would have been a Fabulous picture of these three at Daytona BUT Ole' Spence just had to be up under Ames. JOE. "You need pilliows? I'll bring em' you need grocerys? I'll take you to get them, you need ride to store? I'll take you there, you need drugs? I could probably help you in that department too." Sprint Tower Suite. Spencer and Ames in the Sprint Tower Suite. Jordan. Jake. Spencer.
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