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Selling Through Social Media

How to build brand reputation, culture and community to increase your bottom line

Shannon Drake

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Selling Through Social Media

Selling Through Social Media
A pitch for social
A miracle solution
A statistics final
What this talk is NOT
What this talk is
Guaranteed Buzz
Repeat Customers
Brand Advocates
Brand Recognition
Don't miss out
60% of fans more likely to buy
92% Brand Advocates
18% Celebrities & Influencers
Email open rate 33%
Social Posts 40-70%
Multiple times a week!
What it does?
Building Social Reputation
How it helps sales?
How to do it!
Word spreads like wildfire
Make sure you like what they are saying
Build Brand Advocates
First Impression
Learning time!
What is important to your brand?
Psychology of Reciprocity
What do you have to lose?
Reciprocity Reversal
How do we keep consumers happy?
What does "Engagement" mean?
How it helps sales
Posts #tweets etc
Intended to promote an interaction
Proliferate brand culture
38% More likely to buy
56% More likely to recommend
Algorithm to predict post popularity
Reputation sensitive
Subject to time decay
Why does Edgerank matter?
Not all of your fans automatically see your posts
Poor Edgerank can cut out 95% of fans
Social GPA
How do you do it?
Buzz word
Content Calendar
Time is money
How to do it?
Shannon's content calender soup
Themes & Memes
quotes, vote offs, sneak peeks
PR hits, Holiday hours, Behind the scenes
Sales drivers
New products, sales and specials, coupons
The goal is "experience balance"
How many posts to make a week?
What days to post?
idea behavior or style that spreads from one person to another through a culture. thank you wikipedia.
How do they function in a content calender?
70% reach
40k engagements
Industry average 16%
Adding non-engagement posts
A word about PR hits
No one cares.....
Just kidding, kind of...
Enough foreplay, lets whip it out...
Selling Through Social
Soft Selling Time!
But this is a whole 'nother lecture
Brand Culture + Following / Reputation x Engagement =
Selling, the right way
Traditional Selling
= Punch in the face
How to do it right?
A tale of two companies
Company A
Company B
Aligns with newsletter
Sells harder than "Mystery"
Customers give the cold shoulder
No new impressions
Little traffic
Planned ahead
"Competitive fan advantage"
Offered exclusive information
Gave their fans perks
Shares, Comments, Likes
Unsolicited blog write ups
Bump in followers
Boost in their bottom line
How to do it?
The Principles of Social Media Soft selling
Soft Selling
1. Align messaging with your social voice
2. Make a pretty Picture
3. Make it exclusive
How it works
Implies freedom of choice
Changes the context
Includes consumers in brand culture
Consumers especially Gen Y respond 30% better to soft selling
97% are more likely to recommend to friends
95% are more likely to be repeat customers
That was easy
Embrace the challenge
Respect the power of the platform
Out personality your competitors
Grow like an old oak not mold
Love the human aspect
Community first
Thank You!
Shannon Drake
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