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Eliminate Bullying in the 21st Century

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Shalah Sims

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Eliminate Bullying in the 21st Century

Eliminate in the 21st Century Kindergarten How does my behavior affect other people?
What is personal space and why is it important to respect it?
How can I get help in an unsafe situation? First Grade How can I express how I feel in healthy ways? Second Grade Why is bullying harmful?
What should I do when someone is being bullied?
How do I get help in an emergency? Third Grade How do I treat myself and others with respect?
How do I communicate in ways that support positive relationships with others?
What kinds of behaviors help me to have healthy relationships with others? Fourth Grade How can I keep a conflict from getting worse?
What kinds of behaviors help me to have healthy relationships with others? Fifth Grade What can I do that would prevent a conflict from escalating? 21st Century Readiness Competencies
How do I know if someone is being bullied?
What if my friend is a bully?
What is the difference between bullying and aggression?
Why is it important to report bullying?
What types of communication can help you avoid bullying?
Who should I tell about an unsafe situation?
How does the saying "walk a mile in the other person's shoes" apply to teasing and bullying?
What is the difference between bullying and teasing?
What kinds of situations lead to bullying?
How do bystanders escalate, prevent or stop bullying?
How can I prevent or stop bullying as a bystander, victim or bully?
How can I stand up for those being bullied?
How can you help your school to be a safe, respectful place?
What are the short-term and long-term consequences of bullying? Definition of Bullying
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