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Lewis and Clark Expedition

No description

drew dabney

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark/ Native American Tribes
Identified 178 new plants 122 new animals
Left in 1804
Lewis and Clark
800,000 square feet / 524,800,000 acres
Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark Expedition
15 current states were bought
$15 million, $23 million today's money
Traveled through 10 states
Got back in 1806
Animals: Grizzly Bear, Prarie Dog, and
Pronghorn Antelope
Plants: Bitter root, Douglas Fur, and
Prairie Sagebrush

Stayed with the Sohsi Tribe for many weeks
The Sohsi Tribe sold them horses
Sacajawea was part of the Sohsi Tribe
Sacajawea was an interpreter for Lewis and Clark
By Drew and Carter
She was the only one in the expedition that could speak Shoshone
After The Expedition
Lewis became the Govern of the
Louisiana Territory
Lewis killed himself in 1809 just outside of Nashville
He was thought to kill himself because he was largely in debt and was depressed
By Carter and Drew
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