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Postmodernism: Cultural Schizophrenia and Genre-Collapse

No description

Caleb Stokes

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Postmodernism: Cultural Schizophrenia and Genre-Collapse

Postmodernism Cultural Schizophrenia and Genre-Collapse This is a NOT an artistic movement i.e.
this isn't an idea that most artists consciously
engineer into their work. Postmodernism describes a global idea of culture
that came into existence sometime after WWII Postmodernism is not a style of art;
art is a SYMPTOM of postmodernism So what is postmodernism? Let's look at an example WHAT WENT INTO MAKING THIS SINGLE VIDEO? The Band The Guests The Influences Meet Damon Albarn Damon is the only actual muscian in the "band" Formerly of the British alternative band Blur Started Gorrilaz in 1998 Meet Jamie Hewlett This isn't actually him. He just drew this picture. Jamie's an Australian comic book artist... ...and the only other human member of Gorrilaz The pair came up with their band after watching MTV for a number of hours Jamie Hewlett: "If you watch MTV too long, it is a bit like hell-there's nothing of substance there. So we got this idea for a cartoon band, something that would be a comment on that." Mos Def Popular rapper and MC Bruce Willis Mos Def starred in the film "16 Blocks" with... Then we somehow get to... Bobby Womack Famous soul singer of the 70's and 80's Agreed to sing the back-up on the song because his grand-daughter said the Gorrilaz "were cool" Musically, the band has been described as a mix of... Hip Hop Funk Electronica Artistically, Jamie Hewlett has described himself as a mix between... Surrealist painter Salvador Dali AND A George Romero Zombie Film So how do we explain an Austrailian/ Britsh... "Stylo" takes its name from... A british shoe company Meanwhile, the video features two American classics... 1969 Camaro 1967 El Camino ...electronic/hip hop/funk band... ...made up entirely of surrealist, zombie-inspired cartoons... ...creating a music video that features America's number one action star, classic American muscle cars, and two generations of African-American musicians? CULTURAL SCHIZOPHRENIA Due to ever-increasing media coverage and the creation of global culture, artistic productions are created from an constantly expanding net of seemingly random influences. ...which leads to... GENRE-collapse The increasing inablity of a culture to accurately define itself. Romantic Zombie Comedy Romantic Vampire Young Adult Fiction Science-fiction, satirical tragedy war memoir Almost every major creative endeavour
of the last 30-40 years has in some way exhibited
traces of cultural schizophrenia and genre-collapse. The effects only get more pronounced every day. For example...
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