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Student Expectation: I will compare and contrast the Maori t

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Gabrielle Weber

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of Student Expectation: I will compare and contrast the Maori t

Student Expectation:
I will define traits that unify the Maori and Aborigine people.

Title a new page in your ISN
Maori and Aborigine
Complete the one pager using the blendspace
When you're finished, glue your one pager in your ISN
Who are the Maori? What country do they come from?

The Maori are __________ and they are from _______________.
What is the Haka dance, and why is it performed?

The Haka dance is ________ and it's performed because ___________________________________________________.
Watch the Haka dance. Make a connection. What is something it reminds you of?

The Haka dance reminds me of ______________________________________________.

Who are the Aborigine? Where do they come from?

The Aborigine are _________. They are from ____________.
Dream time is the Aborigine religion. What is it/describe it?

Dreamtime to the Aboriginal people is ___________________.
6) Who was Goorialla and what did he do according to Dreamtime?

According to Dreamtime, Goorialla was _____________ and he _______________________.
The Maori use tattoos to symbolize themselves, called
Ta Moko
. What do these tattoos mean?

Draw a pattern you feel would represent you. Why did you choose that pattern?

Ta Moko tattoos mean _____________. I chose this pattern because _____________________.
8) How does Aboriginal art tell stories? Is it a good way to pass on history? Why or why not?

Aboriginal art is used to tell stories because ________________________. It's is/isn't a good way to pass on history because ______________________.

Date: _________________
HRT: __________________
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