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Iron Triangle

No description

Maren La Belle

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Iron Triangle

Iron Triangle
Social Security Administration
Mission Statement: "Deliver Social Security services that meet the changing needs of the public"
Special Committee on Aging
AARP: American Association of Retired Person
What is it?
"An independent agency of the federal government that administers Social Security, a social insurance program consisting of retirement, disabilities, and survivor benefits"
Head Commissioner: Carolyn W. Colvin

CEO - Barry Randy
President - Robert Romasco
Board of Directors - 22 member volunteer governing body
approves all policies, activities, and services
Executive Team
Speaker Bureau

Maren La Belle, Alana McGovern, and Caroline Boras
Social Security Administration
House Committee on Aging
Outside the Triangle
AARP The Magazine,
the worlds largest circulation magazine
AARP Bulletin

AARP TV & Radio
AARP Books
AARP does not endorse candidates for public office or make contributions to political campaigns or candidates
"AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives"
There are over 37 million members of AARP
Mission is to "help people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, strengthen communities and fight for the issues that matter most to family such as healthcare, employment security and retirement planning. We advocate for consumers in the marketplace by selecting products and services of high quality and value to carry the AARP name as well as help our members obtain discounts on a wide range of products, travel, and services."
AARP and Public Policy
AARP National Policy Council (NPC) is a 25 member all volunteer policy analysis and advisory body to AARP's Board of Directors.
NPC is charged with leading efforts to integrate member and public opinion with careful study of policies, and making policy recommendations to AARP's Board of Directors
Public Policy
"Using their expertise, research and input from members, AARP develops public policies that reflect their members' concerns and interests."
Most people pay Social Security taxes to get these benefits
A staff of almost 66,000 employes
Central Office: Baltimore, Maryland
SSA was formed on August 14, 1935
Created as a part of FDR's New Deal (Social Security Act of 1935)
It was originally created as a retirement program but has expanded since
Outside the Triangle
Many people do not understand the different benefits they have with Social Security
SSA has an outreach programs to inform people about the different benefits including, disability, family, survivors, and Medicare benefits
Leadership and Members
19 Members
Chairman: Bill Nelson
Ranking Member: Susan M. Collins
A committee made up of a majority (D) and minority (R) members
SCA Focus
Because the SCA is a Special Committee, it has no real influence on legislation.
Instead, it researches issues related to older Americans
specifically Medicare and Social Security
Involved in the specialization process
Outside the Triangle
Oversees the Medicare program, Social Security, and Older American Act
Issues investigated by the committee include nursing home conditions, age discrimination, and pricing prescription drugs
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Signed on February 17, 2009 by President Obama as an effort to jumpstart the economy and create or save jobs
Social Security
Responsibilities under the Recovery Act include:
replacing the National Computer Center
dedicating additional resources to processing disability and retirement workloads
issuing a one-time payment of $250 to nearly 55 million Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries
"Strongly supported this bill because it includes many important policy initiatives that will benefit Americans ages 50+, including:
a $250 economic recovery payment that will help over 25 million seniors, veterans, and Individuals with disabilities"
Works cited
"AARP - Health, Travel Deals, Baby Boomers, Election News, Over
50, Online Games, Retirement Plan." AARP. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2013.
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23 Nov. 2013.
"U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging." US Senate Special
Committee on Agings. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Nov. 2013.
Special Committee on Aging
supported the bill when it was presented
Collins, 1 of 3 Republicans lawmakers to vote for the Act, got criticism from the right for crossing party lines on the bill
As a result of Senator Herb Khol's efforts on the Act, the Administration of Aging is awarding $810328 in stimulus funding to the Wisconsin Department of Health Service
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