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information technology

No description

donkey kong

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of information technology

communication technology
medical technology
energy and power technology
positive effects of communication technology
digital cameras allow you to edit and print only pictures you like
negative effects of communication technology
computers, printers, and digital cameras make forgery and plagiarism easier
medical technology:
medical technology creates tools to treat diseases and injuries

examples: x-ray,lasers,ultrasound, and medication
positive effects:
x-rays allow for easier diagnose of injuries
negative effects:
x-rays can cause cancer and 0ther diseases
negative effects
visually be unappealing and can harm animals
communication technology helps with the giving of info

digital cameras, magazines, DVDs, and video games
wind energy source without any pollution
positive effects
develops more different ways to use renewable and nonrenewable resources
energy and power technology
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