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Health Behaviors

Medical Sociology

Kim Dauner

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Health Behaviors

Health Behavior and Lifestyles
Health lifestyle - Collective patterns of health-related behavior based on choices from options available to people based on their life chances
Theory/paradigm of health lifestyles
Collectivities - think of as social groups and other groups a person associates with (political, religious)
Blue Zones
Just move
Find purpose
Down shift
Eat to 80% full
Plant slant
Wine at 5
Loved ones first
Right tribe
Behavior Change
There are predictable ways in which people change - behavioral theory
Health Belief Model
Just one example, others:
Social Cognitive Theory
Theory of Planned Behavior
Stage of Change Model (Transthoeretical model)

Depends on behavior change desired
HBM - Mostly for preventative behaviors for which people have higher control

People may not take action unless perceived severity is high
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