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Math About Me.

By:Harleen Bains 602

Harleen Bains

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Math About Me.

By: Harleen 602 Math About Me! I have 5 members in my family. One Digit My soccer jersey number is 10. Two Digit Word form: Five Word Form: Ten I have 208 bones
in my body. Three Digit My address is 1037 Wetherby lane Four Digit Expanded form: 1000+30+7 Word form: One thousand thirty seven Five Digit My student ID number is 560,423 I have about 60,000 miles
of blood vessels
in my body Six Digit Word form: Five hundred sixty thousand four hundred twenty_three Expanded form: 500,000+60,000+400+20+3 Word form: Two hundred eight Expanded form: 200+8 1037 My phone number is
8,266,446 Seven Digit Word form: Eight million two hundred sixty_six thousand four hundred forty_six Expanded Form: 8,000,000+200,000+60,000+6,000+
400+40+6 My birthday is 20,010,515
(2001/05/15) Eight Digit I have been living for about
357,696,000 seconds. Nine Digit Word Form: Sixty thousand Word form: Three hundred fifty-seven million six hundred ninety-six thousand Expanded form: 300,000,000+50,000,000+7,000,000+600,000+90,000+6,000 Thanks for
watching!!! Word form: twenty million ten thousand five hundred fifteen Expanded form:20,000,000+
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