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Chaparral Elementary Introduction Prezi!

No description

Michael Granado

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Chaparral Elementary Introduction Prezi!

Some of my goals are to create a close knit family along with providing love & consistency for students, parents and teachers!
I will do so by sharing my passion, contagious energy, academic experience, and educational leadership qualities with you! I will also be asking for your help so that we can re-energize and re-focus our school this year! I want to capitalize on all the great things Chaparral is doing for students! I am looking for us to have a great learning journey and can't wait to get to know your children and this community!
Chaparral Elementary #1!
Keeping pace with the world!
Mr. "G" grew up in the "Lower Rio Grande Valley in south Texas". He has always loved learning and helping others!
Mr. Granado's Introductory Presentation for the Chaparral Elementary School & Community!
Kids - Mr. "G" is committed to being your principal for many, many, many years! Mr. "G" will demonstrate this with a symbolic gesture of buying a "Tree"...Mr. "G"s Tree! This is a symbolize the Granado's commitment to lay down "roots" at Chaparral!

Parents - I am making Santa Fe, NM my home and want to share my family and life with you... I promise to always be there for you and your children - before, during, and after school (and some weekends)!
I am happily married and have one last child in the nest! Her name is Dora Natalia, and we hope you will be meeting her soon! She will be in 1st grade and she loves school (and her papa)!
Afghanistan Marine Base!
Mr. G' and his Special Forces Friends helping with a "PE" course for the new Afghan Army!
My Dora on a Bosnian Kindergarten trip!
Mr. "G"
Me the Iraqis and my U.S. Army Colonel!
Teaching in Iraq & Afghanistan!
Mr. "G" is back and here to stay !
See you in a few minutes!
See you soon!
Mozambique, African
Leadership Classroom with teenage soldiers and their officers
Hi! I am Mr. Granado (a.k.a. Mr. "G")! I just wanted to give everyone a chance to see a few pictures of me and my family before we begin the "Meet The Principal" agenda!
I work well with big people too...
Girls Rule!
Boys Drool!
Mr. "G" in a ZOO!
The Granado's
Getting to know Mr. Granado, his family
& his other life in the Army!

...But prefer working with
little people!
My wife, Borislava...is a real charmer too!
And don't let the Army pictures mislead you... I have worked with all ages of kids from early elementary through high school for over 20 years (all over the world)! My best work is in motivating students and teachers to do their very best in all they do!
I make people laugh and like teaching and learning to be fun!

Ft. Bliss, TX
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