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No description

Marie Moran

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Collaboration

Teacher-Administration Collaboration
Critical Issue:
"In collaborative school communities, successes are celebrated and extended, reflective thinking becomes a way of life, expertise is built from within, and energy is sustained. The community owns its commitment to continual improvement."

"Isolation is the enemy of improvement"

Teacher-Teacher Collaboration
Student Collaboration
Teacher-Parent Collaboration
Works Cited
By, Marie Lavery
Teacher-Teacher Collaboration
Student Collaboration
Teacher-Parent Collaboration
Works Cited
Teacher-Administration Collaboration
A School Leader's Guide to Excellence
Carmen Farina
"Collaborative decision making requires that you believe in parent empowerment and respect parents' perspective: you need to be flexible." Carmen Farina
Suggestions for Parent Collaboration and Engagement
School/class Brochure (Farina & Kotch)
Glossary of Educational Language- accountable talk, guided reading, etc. (Farina & Kotch)
Parent Committee (Farina & Kotch)
Orientation to Curriculum Night in September (Farina & Kotch)
Grade-level/Department Parent Meetings (Farina & Kotch)
Parents with Expertise to Lead Workshops (Farina & Kotch)
Reading Clubs (Farina & Kotch)
Student Collaboration through Technology
Google Docs

Co-Teaching Models
Lead and Support
Station Teaching
Parallel Teaching
Alternative Teaching
Team Teaching
Collaborative Team Meetings
Grade Team Meetings
Department Meetings
Professional Development Team Meetings
Cabinet Meetings
Articulation Team Meetings
Child Study Meetings
Benefits of Teacher Collaboration
Teacher Development (Ruddock, Stenhouse)
Curriculum Development (Ruddock, Stenhouse)
Teacher Morale and Satisfaction (Shulman)
Professional Growth (Shulman)
Benefits of Student Collaboration
Builds Self-Esteem (Johnson & Johnson)
Enhances Student Satisfaction with Learning Experience (Turnure & Zeigler)
Promotes a Positive Attitude Toward the Subject Matter (Bligh)
Supports English Language Learners (Felder)
Increases Persistence in Completion of Assignments (Felder)
Gives Students Autonomy Over Learning (Sharan, Sharan, & Gentile)
Benefits of Teacher-Parent Collaboration
Higher Student Achievement (Olsen & Fuller)
Increased Student Self-Esteem (Olsen & Fuller)
Increased Graduation Rates (Olsen & Fuller)
Benefits of Teacher-Administration Collaboration
Helps Foster Positive Change (Farina & Kotch)
Improved Trust (Richards)
Increased Teacher Morale (Farina)
Possible Obstacles to Teacher-Teacher Collaboration
Time Constraints (Farina)
Trust (Farina)
Negative School Culture (Leonard & Leonard)
Fragmented Vision (Leonard & Leonard)
Conflict Avoidance (Leonard & Leonard)
Lack of Administrative Support (Leonard & Leonard)
Possible Obstacles to Student Collaboration
Lack of Trust (Fordyce & Mulcahey)
Lack of Growth Mindset (Fordyce & Mulcahey)
Lack of Rationale (Fordyce & Mulcahey)
Lacking Academic Skill (Fordyce & Mulcahey)
Classroom Management (Wotherham & Willingham)
Possible Obstacles to Teacher-Parent Collaboration (from National PTA Survey)
Lack of Time
Mindset of Nothing to Contribute
Unsure How to Get Involved
Lack of Child Care
Language and Cultural Differences
Lack of Transportation
Lack of Trust
Cabinet Case Study Protocol
3 Minutes:
Case Presentation
- The case presenter tells the story of the case
3-5 Minutes:
Clarifying Questions
-These have facts as answers
3-5 Minutes:
Probing Questions
- These answers have more interpretation
4-5 Minutes:
- "Fish bowl" group discusses possible strategies
3 Minutes:
- The case presenter reflects and chooses strategies
Articulation Content Area Teams (Farina)
Builds School-wide Consistency in Curriculum
Teachers Chosen Based on Expert Knowledge
School-wide Mission Created
Best Practices Researched
Schools Visited

Richard Elmore
Possible Obstacles to Teacher-Administration Collaboration
Unclear Expectations (Johnson & Donaldson)
Negative School Culture (Johnson & Donaldson)
Lack of Trust (Johnson & Donaldson)
Leadership Philosophy (Johnson & Donaldson)
Too Many Responsibilities (Johnson & Donaldson)
Rotherham, Andrew and Willingham, Daniel. "21st Century Skills: The Challenges Ahead." Teaching for the 21st Century, September 2009.
National PTA 2002 Survey
Fordyce, Brenda. "Overcoming Obstacles to Student Collaboration." Collaboration and Active Learning,
Leonard, L. & Leonard, P. The continuing trouble with collaboration: Teachers talk. Current Issues in Education. 2003, September 17
“What New Teachers Value Most in Principals Principal-Connecting with Families volume 83 number 3 January/February 2004 pages 42-44.
Olsen, G & Fulller M. Excerpt from Home-School Relations: Working Successfully with Parents and Families, 2008 edition, p. 129-130.
Farina, Carmen & Kotch, Laura. A School Leader's Guide to Excellence: Collaborating Our Way to Better Schools, 2008.
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