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Arthur Miller and The Politics and Purpose Of His Writing

No description

Mercedes Gonzalez

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Arthur Miller and The Politics and Purpose Of His Writing

Why Arthur Miller Wrote
"The Crucible" Death of a Salesman 1949
Man Who Had All The Luck.
All My Sons By:
Isaiah Wash
Adam Nordine
Blake Farr
Mason Rowley
Mercedes Gonzalez Arthur Miller Previous Works Arthur Miller "Change The World"
"The Crucible"
"The Salem Witch Trials" Key Events Harlem, NY in 1915.
University of Michigan.
Death of a Salesman 1949
3 Marriages
Arthur Miller's involvement in the trials
The Impact
Why? Key Events continued Arthur Miller and The HUAC Trails McCarthy Trials
The Crucible
Feb 10, 2005 Arthur Millers View of life The Short Clip of the trails
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