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A Retrieved Reformation

prezi for northstar book report

samuel roberts

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of A Retrieved Reformation

A Retrieved Reformation
By: O. Henry Summary In "A Retrieved Reformation", a lowly criminal, Jimmy Valentine, decides to stop his life as a bank robber and tries to restart. He moves to the small town of Elmore to restart. He decides to take on a new name as well. He goes by "Ralph T. Spencer". He opens a shoe shop and gets engaged to a woman named Annabel Adams. Will Jimmy be caught or will he live out his life in Elmore? Read "A Retrieved Reformation"! Main Characters Jimmy Valentine: A bank robber who served nearly ten months of a four year sentence, who travels to Arkansas to rob rob a bank but falls in love with the banker's daughter. "'Me?', said Jimmy in surprise, 'Why, I never cracked a safe in my life.'" Annabel Adams: Worked at her father's bank as a teller, fell in love with "Ralph T. Spencer" who was engaged to her. "'Naw,' said the boy, 'She's Annabel Adams. Her pa owns this bank.'" Ralph T. Spencer: Jimmy's alias for his new life in Elmore, he uses this name to start his own shoe store and to win Annabel's heart. Ralph is not a bank robber. "Mr Ralph Spencer, the phoenix that arose from Jimmy Valentine's ashes-ashes left by the flame of a sudden and alternative attack of love-remained in Elmore, and prospered." Ben Price: A detective who has been on Jimmy's trail ever since he was released, isn't fully convinced that he has changed for good until the climax. "Ben Price knew Jimmy's habits." Vocab Pardon a release from the penalty of an offense Virtuous morally excellent Rehabilitate To restore to good condition Disregarding To pay no attention to Compulsory Required Judgement Multimedia Project 1 I would ask the students what was the main point of this story. I would ask if they thought it was okay with Ben Price just walking away and acting like he knew nothing.
The project I would assign them is one in which they would have to do a slide show on the main points of the story and there will have to be pictures to go with there main points of the story. Biographical Information about O Henry. O. Henry's date of birth was September, 11, 1862 and he was born in Greensboro North Carolina and he died on June, 5, 1910. He was an American writer and his short stories are all comedy and he was really good on making good twist on his ending. He wrote about 600 stories about life in America. He left school at the age of 15 he had a number of jobs including a bank clerk. In 1896 he was accused of embezzlement he fled to Honduras. He got married to his wife but then soon after he realized that she was dying he went back to the us and surrendered to the police. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail. When he was in jail he began to write his stories. He published 12 stories while in jail. Then after serving 3 years to a 5 year sentence he was released for good he behavior and continued writing his stories. Book Questions Who was the person Jimmy was with in the cafe? Was Ben Price a fictional character or was he made up for the story? What was Jimmy's prison number? Did Jimmy actually save the girl from the bank? How many robberies did Jimmy preform in the story? Reading Comprehension Questions Recall/Fact:
What does Jimmy ask his "Old Friend" to come and pick up in Little Rock? Analysis/Inference:
Why do you think Jimmy did not immediately volunteer to open the safe in order to save Agatha? Synthesis:
What do you think happened after Ben walked away? Was Jimmy permanently changed once more? Would the Adams' work out Ralph's past crimes? Or would nothing change from before? 3 Yes 9762 Real Mike Dolan Non-Fiction Article 1:
http://www.dcbar.org/for_lawyers/resources/publications/washington_lawyer/august_2001/spectator.cfm Non-Fiction Article 2: http://www.wikihow.com/Change-Your-Identity Setting: Elmore, Arkansas
Elmore County's name is in honor of General John A. Elmore. Elmore County was established on February 15, 1866, from parts of Autauga, Coosa, Tallapoosa, and Montgomery Counties. Lately it has changed to an economy of agriculture as opposed to shoe making, to one of Arkansas's fastest growing counties. It is located in the east-central part of the state. It is drained by the Coosa and the Tallapoosa Rivers, which join together to form the Alabama River south of Wetumpka. What was O. Henry's real name and who did he meet in jail? What was the name of the play, and later movie, that was based on A Retrieved Reformation? What was the name of the hit song, also based on Jimmy, by Gus Edwards? William Sydney Porter and Jimmy Valentine "Alias Jimmy Valentine" "When Jimmy Valentine Gets Out" Which tips did Jimmy use in the story? Numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Why didn't Jimmy try to convince law enforcement that he needed a new identity? He only changed his identity to court Annabel and so that he could have a new life, when he was around law enforcement he only thought of cracking safes so a new identity would be redundant Do you think that many criminals today use these methods? Possibly, but probably not as often as back then when record systems weren't as sophisticated Multimedia project two A project I would make students do is a iMovie. The prompt would be, If you were Jimmy Valentine, how would you have acted when the girl got trapped in the safe? The students would have to have a mock interview with some characters from the story, as well. ( O. Henry 5) (O. Henry 8) (O. Henry 9) (O. Henry 7) Literary Questions What literary element does Jimmy use when he says his tool "bit" Personification What is a form of simile in the story "He was as much at home in the family of Mr. Adams and that of Annabel’s married sister as if he were already a member.” What is an example of a metaphor? “She is an angel.” What is the mood of the overall story? Suspenseful at the climax, happy in the middle, old-fashioned, shady in the beginning. What is one symbol from the story? Safe-when he was using it rob things (O. Henry 9) (O. Henry 10) "Valentine, 9762, was chronicled on the books 'Pardoned by Governor', and Mr. James Valentine walked out into the sunshine." "The clerk handed him a railroad ticket and the five-dollar bill with which the law expects him to rehabilitate himself into good citizenship and prosperity." ( O. Henry 5) "Disregarding the song of the birds, the waving green trees, and the smell of the flowers, Jimmy headed straight to the restaurant." ( O. Henry 5) "He had on a suit of the villainously fitting, ready-made clothes and a pair of the stiff, squeaky shoes that the state furnishes to its discharged compulsory guests." (O. Henry 5) (O. Henry 5) "Me?" said Jimmy, still blankly virtuous. "Why, warden, I never was in Springfield in my life!" (O. Henry 5)
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