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Copy of Mirror Neurons

Psych 376 - Group Project

Deoksin Jeong

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mirror Neurons

기능의 회복 퇴 행 Clinical Aspects External Influences Social Aspects 괴 사 신경원이 죽게 되는 기제
신경원 내부의 동질정체의 유지가 실패한 경우 발생
급성으로 일어나는 손상 (ex-종양, 뇌막염)
천천히 일어나는 손상 (ex-뇌졸중, 신경퇴행성 질환)
항상 병리적 Interpersonal:
-Teaches body language, facial expressions, and syntactic (acceptable) verbal expressions
Pertaining to Violence
Behavioral imitation and desensitization of violence through various sources E.g., Media (News) and Entertainment (Movies, video games, etc.) Abnormalities found in the workings of the mirror system may lead to learning and speech disabilities "Human tendency makes us vulnerable to external influences"
-Marco Iacoboni References http://sfari.org/news-and-opinion/in-brief/2012/cognition-and-behavior-mirror-neurons-age-normally-in-autism





http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/04/050411204511.htm <-- article on autism


Scherder,Eric,"AgingandDementia:Neuropyschology, Motor Skills, and Pain".print.pg.143 Tell Me More UCLA’s Marco Iacoboni and others have put forth an idea called the "Broken Mirror Hypothesis” (pertaining to Autism) – that malfunctioning mirror neurons are most likely the reason for the lack of empathy and emotional dissociation found in severely autistic people. Marco Iacoboni: "True examples of dissociation between action understanding and action production are very rare." (credit: Marco Iacoboni) Their discovery led them to come up with the “action understanding” hypothesis – which is, that mirror neurons are the 'neural basis for our ability to understand others’ actions.' If this assertion it true, Iacoboni may be right in his assumption that we can treat autism and speech disorders through repairing and restoring the mirror neuron system. Mirror neurons also play an important role in learning.
By inducing mimicry they initiate the learning process in the amygdala. Chameleon Effect: The unconscious mimicry of other peoples' body language.
Example=baby sticks out tongue because parent does. New studies have characterized abnormal - as well as normal - mirror activity in the brains of children with the social communication disorder known as Autism So how does the dysfunction of the mirror system undermine the understanding of intentions and emotions of others? While exhibiting the same level of activation when executing actions...
People with Autism display LESS mirror neuron activity when observing others than non-autistic individuals Evidence of abnormal firing of mirror neurons Video games, Movies, and the News Like with any stimuli-recipient relationship, our mirror neurons can become desensitized to aspects of life such as violence by repeatedly being bombarded with images of tragic events through media.
This occurs when video games, the news, movies, and social media portray violence and aggression as mundane, thus decreasing our ability to empathize. Ramachandran has revolutionized the idea of "phantom limb amputation" via use of a mirror box Alzheimer's Studies suggest that mirror neurons specialized for foot movements in those with Alzheimer's can enhance a patient's ability to walk by activating imitation function. Combined use of ventrolateral pre-fromtal cortex and the supplementary motor aid in the preparation process of walking when given a cue like "Ready"
(contain motor neurons) Phantom Limbs & Mirror Neurons How does mirror therapy work?
Mirror neurons allow individuals to visualize themselves doing the actions of others
"Internally recognized experience"
In this way, an individual can visualize their own arm and "unclench" it However study in 2010 showed that activity of mirror neurons increased with age
This alludes to the idea that rather than abnormal circuitry, the development of the mirror system in Autistic individuals is slower http://www.bodyinmind.org/ramachandran-and-phantom-limb-pain/ 20091065 정덕신
2009105 이슬기 목 차 ■신경원의 퇴행,재생과 재조직화

■치료 개입
유전공학 괴 사 세포자살 이미 프로그램된 신경원의 자살
신경원이 자신의 에너지를 사용하여 죽음
신경원의 정상적인 발달 과정
전형적으로 caspases라는 유전인자에 의해 조절 세포자살 재 생 측지발아


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