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NBA Draft

No description

Christian Karabas

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of NBA Draft

The NBA draft is when all of the best collage basketball players get picked to Join the NBA. Below is Andrew Wiggens who will be entering the NBA draft this summer.
NBA Draft
June 26
There are many good NBA players that where not great in college. Players like Carlos Boozer, Monta Ellis, and Isaiah Thomas where all selected in the second round of the draft.
Previous NBA drafts
Mock draft
One and done players
Some of the top ranked recruits going to the NBA
Top College Players
NBA Draft 2014
By: Christian K.
The NBA draft will take place on Thursday, June 26 and will have some of the nations best college basketball players entering.
Some of the top players entering the Draft include Andrew Wiggins, from Kansas, Marcus Smart from Oklahoma state, and Jabari Parker from Duke. Two of these three players are in their first year of collage.
Jabari Parker
The mock draft is what the NBA predicts who will be picked and when in the NBA draft. The worst NBA team from the previous year will get the first pick, the second worst team will get the second pick and so on.
One and done players are players who play one year in collage, and then leave for the NBA. The NBA does not require you to go to college all four years. Some NBA players who only played collage basketball for one year include Derrick Rose Kevin Durant, and much more. The NBA does not allow players to get drafted out of high school , but used to a few years ago.
Andrew Wiggens plans on entering the NBA after just one year of collage.
Isaiah Thomas was selected 60th overall in the draft and is now a well known player around the NBA.
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