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Differentiating Instruction: Getting Started on Putting it into Practice

No description

Andy Felt

on 3 August 2010

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Transcript of Differentiating Instruction: Getting Started on Putting it into Practice

You can differentiate the... Content Process Product Affect Learning Environment Based on the... Readiness Interests Learning Profile "What we teach and how we help students access information and ideas that matter" "How students come to understand and own the knowledge, understanding and skills essential to the topic" "How students demonstrate what they know, understand and are able to do" "How students link thought and feeling in the classroom" "The way the classroom feels and functions" "The current knowledge, understanding, and skill level a student has related to a particular sequence of learning" "What a student enjoys learning about, thinking about, and doing" "A student's preferred mode of learning" reading materials at
different levels use examples or
materials that match
student interests use examples and
uses from a wide
variety of cultures vary the pacing of
student work allow students to
specialize in subtopics
they find interesting and
jigsaw the content allow multiple options
for student grouping plan for all students
to participate and belong ensure that all
students feel safe teach about and
for respect flexible grouping
and seating different rules for
different locations previous academic learning exposure to
experiences mixed ability or same? encourage design of
a task that demonstrates
mastery of standards combine students with
different or similar
interests or preferences explore student questions Gardner's Theory
of Multiple Intelligences visual, auditory, kinesthetic allow students to
express mastery in
different ways encourage
experimentation provide analytic, creative, or
practical product options http://equity.4teachers.org/index.php allow for multiple methods
of study material production http://classroom.4teachers.org/ encourage creativity! depends on careful
pre-assessment By utilizing
respectful tasks,
flexible grouping,
and an ongoing
cycle of assessment
and adjustment,
Differentiated Instruction: Putting it into Practice
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