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Ashley Bealka

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Simley Campus Eco Tour What Lives in the Prairie? Evolutionary History of Oaks - How did trees come into existence?
- One of the first angiosperms
- 26-12 million years old
- Oaks divided
- Red Oaks = pointed
- White Oaks = rounded Evolutionary Adaptation Who: Goldenrod Gall Fly
What: Adaptation to environment
Where: In the cells
When: Winter and cold temperatures
Why: Maintain Homeostasis
Renee Bealka
Sam Schindeldecker Orchard Grass Dactylis glomerata Goldenrod Gall Fly Eurosta solidaginis Ants and Ant Larvae Mt. Albert Goldenrod Solidago simplex kunth Northern Pin Oak Quercus ellipsoidalis Blue Ash Tree Fraxinus quadrangulata Genetics
Can the genetics of one organism in the ecosystem affect the genetics of another?

Goldenrod and Goldenrod Gall Fly

Host-associated differentiation (HAD)

Community Ecology Goldenrod and Goldenrod Gall Fly - Parasite Positive Negative - Plant tissue swells
-Galls can attract parasitoid -flies have warm, nutritious home
-flies are protected from most but not all predators
-Doesn't kill either species Ecosystem Ecology Type: Grassland How do nutrients cycle in the prairie?
-Controlled burns Human Impacts - Lawn Mowing Paths
- Prescribed Burns
- Removing Patches of the prairie
- Destruction of Habitat
- Treatments
- Invasive Species Factors that Affect the Ecosystems Population Abiotic
- Temperature
- Precipitation
- Soil
- Fire Biotic
- Invasive Species
- Competition
- Predation
Decomposers Lasius neoniger
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