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los pierce the veils

Amanda Rosario

on 31 May 2012

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Transcript of mexicore

The Outbreak of Alternative Post-Hardcore Falling In Reverse Escape The Fate Dance Gavin Dance Woe, Is Me Famous Alternative Bands Alternative rock music is a name given to rock music that didn't fit any other genre and it descends from Punk Rock. Underground Alternative Rock D.R.U.G.S. Alternative music became popular in the 1990's, but the history of this music goes back farther. Nirvana brought alternative music to the mainstream audience. From First To Last Electronica Attack! Attack! Asking Alexandria Pop Rock Sleeping With Sirens Danger Radio My Chemical Romance Paramore Hoobastank Bands with their own genre Mexicore Pierce The Veil Love Metal H.I.M Post-hardcore is a genre of music that developed from hardcore punk itself; an offshoot of the broader punk rock movement Pop rock is a music genre that mixes a catchy pop style and light lyrics in its (typically) guitar-based rock songs Bass, techno, dance, and dubstep added to alternative or screamo music 2001–present :D 2004–present 1994–present 2008–present 2005–present 2004–present 2010–2012 2010-present 2003–present 2009–present 2009–present 2002–2010 2005-present 2006–present 1991–present Many people may or may not know about these bands. Some of these bands are not played on the radio because they are not popular or they do not catch people's attention. Indie All Time Low Mayday Parade Hellogoodbye 2003 - Present 2005-Present 2001-Present Soul Isles and Glaciers 2008-2010 Hands Like Houses 2006-Present Emarosa 2006-Present Metalcore The Word Alive 2008-Present For All Those Sleeping 2007-Present Bring Me The Horizon 2004-Present "Emo" Alesana 2004-Present Silverstein 2000-Present Indie originated in United Kingdom and United States in

It derives from independent artists/labels.

Indie originally was used to describe record labels; it later became associated with the music it produced. Soul rock is a music genre that contains a blues rhythm, while still staying true to its alternative sound. hi:) Metalcore is a lesser version of heavy metal and hardcore punk. By researching alternative, we were able to learn about the many music genres within it. We chose alternative as our genre because it is the music that changed most of our lives. It is a style of music that coneys our lively and unique personalities. Way of the concerts Wall of Death Circle Pit Hardcore Two-Step Bass Drop dance The main outlet of exposure for many underground and alternative bands is through: Stage diving Mosh Pit
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