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LEGO Session 1

No description

Jarrod Wolkowitz

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of LEGO Session 1

LEGO Session 1

Mission Statement:

To use LEGO as a tool for the inspiration and exploration of ideas across multiple disciplines.
Administrative Staff - Contact Information
lego@starinc.org // 310 736 8577

Department Head - Raymond Lo
raymondl@starinc.org // 714 743 8823
Assistant Department Head (Operations) - Anna Clark
annac@starinc.org // 808 268 0652
Assistant Department Head (Technical) - Andre Harris
andreh@starinc.org // 714 454 2889
Operations Assistant - Madelynn Sanchez
STAR Policies
20 minute visitation policy
Positive feedback ONLY to parents :)
Negative feedback MUST GO THROUGH Director
On Time
ready to teach when class begins
(parking, setting up classroom, preparing sets, reading lesson plans, lunch/bathroom, etc.)
Dress Code
STAR shirt
No tattoos/piercings
Hats must face forward
Closed toed shoes
No tight pants, sweatpants, etc.

You are a guest in a teacher's room.
Do not use/move their supplies (even white boards, sinks, etc.).
Leave the room cleaner than you left it!

Teach students about responsibility- have them check the floor for lost pieces, push in their chairs...
Students must ALWAYS be
with a teacher, even going to the bathroom
Site Specific Information:
and Sign-out Procedures
Get to Know Directors
Bathroom: ONE foot IN
ONE foot OUT

Roll Sheets - Ask Site Directors. MUST HAVE.
Time Sheets: Last name, First name
ALWAYS SIGN your timesheet.
Safety, Courtesy, Professionalism
Our Goals
•To expand a child’s view of their world through presentation of multiple perspectives.
•To illuminate abstract ideas through concrete construction.
•To teach parallel thinking and problem solving.
•To promote positivity and a sense of community in our classes.

NO Cell Phones
4 Sessions (8 weeks)

Summer Camp
Special Events
1: Sept. 9 - Nov. 1
2: Nov. 4 - Jan. 24
3: Feb. 3 - March 28
4: April 1 - May 30
One Year at STAR
Session 1
September 9 - November 1

Switch Day: October 4-7

Switch Partners:

Maddie and Zach
Raina and Nicole
Virsil and Andrew
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