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Karen Castelli

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of conciousness

States of Consciousness
Your awareness of yourself and your environment
Pulled over by police officer for speeding?:
Walking across stage to receive diploma?:
Driving to School?:
Watching TV?:
Participating in an activity you enjoy?:
Levels of awareness?
Awareness of external events
Awareness of internal sensations
Awareness of self
Awareness of thoughts
Circadian Rhythm
Peaks during the day
Drops before bed
Have you ever pulled an 'all-nighter'?
When do you feel the most tired?
When do you start to feel better?
temperature rises as morning approaches
EEG's of sleep not studied until 1952
Sleep Stages
Sleep Deprivation
Sleep disorders
What are EEG's measuring?
After cycle through once, you enter REM sleep
Paradoxical sleep
Sleep cycle last about 90 minutes.
Spend more and more time in REM sleep as night progresses
What Would you pay for something that would increase your scores on standardized tests, improve your grades, reduce your liklihood of suffering depression and anxiety, decrease your chances of being involved in an accident, and helped you to lose weight?!
a major review conducted in 1996 suggested that the oil spill of the Exxon Valdez, the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, the nuclear accident at Chernobyl (costing over 50,000 lives) and the near nuclear accidents at the Three Mile Island and Peach Bottom reactors were all associated with sleep deprivation of the personnel involved.
Effects of sleep deprivation:
One hour difference in sleep costs 2 years of cognitive performance in experiments with 6th graders
7 points on an IQ test (same as lead exposure)
Causes us to remember negative emotions more readily than positive ones
Obesity: People who get less than 8 hours of sleep have a 300# higher rate of obesity than those with 10 hours of sleep....This is not related to tv viewing
For Adults, 2 weeks of 6 hrs/ night = performance ocf staying up 24 hours straight.
CBS 60 minutes reports:
Woman who fell asleep under water
while scuba diving
Fireman who had an attack while climbing a ladder to a burning building
Falling asleep in the middle of lovemaking is not uncommon

A man who made a superb pool
shot and suffered an attack …
later in an argument with his son
he suffered another attack
Bad Timing
Sleep apnea
Restless leg syndrome
Night Terrors
Difficulty falling or staying asleep...but not the normal inability to sleep when anxious or excited
Bad Ideas:
Good ideas:
Triggered by High Emotion

These sleep attacks usually only occur for about 5 minutes, but occur at inopportune times:

Terrific softball swing
Laughing loudly
Shouting angrily
Having sex
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