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Grace Peppler

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Ballet Class Edgar Degas Impressionism in My Name is Asher Lev "It was during those late-afternoon conversations that I learned about the Social Realists and Regionalists of the Depression decade; about the Federal Art Project; about the mottoes 'Paint Proletarian' and 'Paint American'; about Stuart Davis attack against the Regionalist John Stewart Curry; about the group called the American Abstract Artists and their rejection of Impressionism, Expressionism, and Surrealism; about Neoplasticism and Abstract Cubism and Russian Constructivism; about gesture painters and color-field painters; about abstract Expressionism."
pg. 231-232

- Asher does not just study the Impressionist style; in the book, there are scenes with impressionism
- When Asher visits Kahn's beach house, he has a lot on his mind. However, he glazes over what would be an accurate depiction and just talks about the beauty of the beach house Impressionist Poetry Under Stars
The sleep of this night deepens
because I have walked coatless from the house
carrying the white envelope.
All night it will say one name
in its little tin house by the roadside.

I have raised the metal flag
so its shadow under the roadlamp
leaves an imprint on the rain-heavy bushes.
Now I will walk back
thinking of the few lights still on
in the town a mile away.

In the yellowed light of a kitchen
the millworker has finished his coffee,
his wife has laid out the white slices of bread
on the counter. Now while the bed they have left
is still warm, I will think of you, you
who are so far away
you have caused me to look up at the stars.

Tonight they have not moved
from childhood, those games played after dark.
Again I walk into the wet grass
toward the starry voices. Again, I
am the found one, intimate, returned
by all I touch on the way. The Ballet Class Degas' painting Ballet Class
demonstrates clear use of
Impressionism. In the
painting, the ballerinas are
not in perfect positioning
or staged choreography; they
are all exhausted from a long
rehearsal. Degas captures this
fatigue in both the body language
and facial expressions of the
dancers. Connections In My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, Asher
learns how American abstract artists rejected the
traditional style of Impressionism.
Impressionism is a literary or artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or experience, and which usually features ordinary subject matter.
In the poem Under Stars by Tess Gallagher, the narrator describes the everyday occurrence of her morning routine.
The poem uses good diction to turn this experience into poetry. Edgar Degas Timeline
-born in Paris, France in 1834;
-He was the eldest of 5 children,
-His family was middle class and shared a love of music and art.
-Degas was sent to a prestigious and rigorous secondary school, where he excelled in art.
-He grew as an artist, always painting and sketching.
-Degas finally made a name for himself in 1859 when returning to Paris.
-He died 1917 after a long and successful art career
. Music Connection
-The choice of Isaac Albeniz's
Serenata and Granada was made because of its impressionist influences.
-His piece Granada was influenced by his time spent in Spain; this music shows how well he can capture the atmosphere of the places he visits.
In his words:

"In all of them I now note that there is less musical science, less of the grand idea, but more color, sunlight, flavor of olives. That music of youth, with its little sins and absurdities that almost point out the sentimental affectation ... appears to me like the carvings in the Alhambra, those peculiar arabesques that say nothing with their turns and shapes, but which are like the air, like the sun, like the blackbirds or like the nightingales of its gardens." -Edgar painted the “Ballet Class” in 1873-1876.
-Edgar regularly went to the Paris Opera House, and visited backstage dance studio.
-One of his favorite subjects were ballerinas in rehearsal or at rest.
-Degas drew many paintings depicting ballerinas different posture.
-Many of his paintings are the ballet class coming to an end, the ballerinas exhausted; they are all stretching, twisting, or adjusting their hair or clothes, not listening to their teacher.
- Degas also had a technique of vanishing the floorboards to show a slightly raised view point. Artwork Connection
Edgar Degas illustrated
dancers in realistic and
imperfect positions. He
can be described as an
impressionist artist because
he is able to take a situation
and capture the feeling
of the scene, rather than
give it a false beauty. Rehearsal of the Scene Bibliography

http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/impressionism Tess Gallagher Impressionism: A literary or artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction
A style or movement in painting originating in France in the 1860s, characterized by a concern with depicting the visual impression of the moment, esp. in terms of the shifting effect of light and color
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