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UMBC Call Center

No description

Theresa Mabe

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of UMBC Call Center

Promoting Understanding,
Personalization and Increasing
Giving through the UMBC Phonathon UMBC On Campus
Phonathon Call Center Current Phonathon
Struggles Developing On Campus Call Center Employ University Students as Callers Multiple instances of reports not being formatted correctly. In several instances, as one issue has been resolved, a new issue arises, even if it had previously been formatted and functioning correctly.
Despite being provided a list of gift allocation names, account numbers and appeal codes which were reported loaded into Telecomp’s calling system, reports are submitted to UMBC with incorrect allocation and appeal codes.
Several cases of receiving corrupted files. Physical Space Benefits for Phonathon Program Technical Issues Familiarity Issues Callers are not from the UMBC/Baltimore region and are unfamiliar with aspects of our school and community
Callers accepting donations and pledges for the nursing program, which UMBC discontinued in the early 1990s.
Confusion of how to spell or pronounce certain named scholarships; UMBC staff are required to decipher what the donor intended based on notes from the caller.
Inability to answer many questions prospects have about current activities on campus Lack of communication from vendor when issues need to be resolved
Length of time between when caller speaks with donor and when UMBC is aware an issue with pledge/gift exists Delay in Resolution to Issues There is a spare meeting room in the Alumni House which could comfortably fit 12 calling stations, snack area and a supervisor station. Benefits of Being On Campus Easier to monitor calls and resolve calling issues quickly.
Promote understanding between Phonathon callers and other Institutional Advancement staff. Hiring a
Phonathon Coordinator Students will be knowledgeable With familiarity of campus programs and activities, students will be more knowledgeable and passionate when speaking about UMBC as compared to off-campus Phonathon callers.
When alumni are speaking with a current student within their program, they are twice as likely to make a donation to that department (Rolenc, 2013).
Students are able to inform individuals who are lapsed- or non-donors of new developments which have occurred on campus since they were last involved with UMBC and help them feel a renewed connection to the campus community.
Hiring students also increases the sense of philanthropy in the students themselves and increases the likelihood that they will become donors once they become university alumni (Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 2012). Provide expertise and direction to the Phonathon program with a focus on increasing the level of charitable giving. The qualified candidate will be accountable for the overall operations of Phonathon program including the strategic planning, analysis, and reporting. Special emphasis will be placed on recruiting, hiring, training, supervision, and retention of the student calling staff to ensure a positive experience for our alumni. This position requires the working of non-traditional hours. Duties Phonathon Call Center at Trinity University The Phonathon Coordinator is an essential member of the Institutional Advancement team responsible for administering an effective and dynamic calling program as a strategic part of our annual giving program. Qualifications Required: Bachelor’s degree; minimum of two years experience in fundraising, telemarketing, or training and development; excellent verbal and written communication skills; strong computer and internet skills.
Preferred: Working knowledge of Campus Call or a similar automated calling system; supervisory experience including interviewing, hiring, performance evaluation, motivation, training, and administration; experience working with diverse populations; demonstrated data analysis, reporting skills, and familiarity with database programs. (Carpenter, 2013) Student Caller from St. Johns University Works Cited Carpenter, D. (2013, April 5). Phonathon Coordinator Job Description. (T. Mabe, Interviewer)

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