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Tekkit Rebirth

No description

Alayna Scherff

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Tekkit Rebirth

Rythian Tekkit Code name: Shadow

Threat level: Extremely high

Weakness: Zoeya

Last location: Blackrock stronghold

Notes: Definetly not secretly an enderman Zoey Code name: Red

Threat level: None she's totally awesome and also very good looking ( it was on the actual video, no joke! lol)

Last location: Brown rebal base.

Notes: Oh my gosh Characters Teep Code name: Greenman

Threat level: None allied

Weakness: Meat

Last Location: Brown rebel base

Notes: is the only dinosaur Xephos Code: Spaceman

Threat level: Minimal, no contact

Weakness: Torches

Last Location: Honeydew Inc.

Notes: Possible alien? Littlewood
(aka martyn) Code : Sapling

Threat level: Moderate, no contact

Weakness: Fire

Last Location: Unknown

Notes: More info required Toby Code: Hoodie

Threat level: Minimal, no contact

Weakness: Littlewood

Last location: Unknown

Notes: More info required Nilesy Code: Poolboy

Threat level: None, Allied

Weakness: Minecraft

Last Location: Baby Jim

Notes: Knows things Lalna Code: Goggles

Threat level: High, under surveillance

Weakness: Spaceman

Last Location: Unreconized castle

Notes: possible ally Sips Code: stubbles

Threat level: Moderate, enemy allience

Weakness: Pools

Last Location: Unknown, underground

Notes: Possible vampire? Lomadia Code: Owl

Threat level: Minimal, no contact

Weakness: Bigger Owls

Last Location: Unknown, recon required

Notes: Possible ally Sjin Code: Beardman

Threat level: High, eliminate

Weakness: Sips

Last location: Captive Creeper

Notes: Kill this guy okay

Power level: 604 Honeydew Code: Dwarf

Threat level: Minimal, no contact

Weakness: Jaffa Cakes

Last Location: Honeydew Inc.

Notes: Eliminate Spaceman Strippin Code: Rails

Threat level: Moderate, allied with goggels


Last location: Strippin Station

Notes: Possible ally
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