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Types Of Network

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on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Types Of Network

Types Of Network
A LAN is a local area network which is a group of computers and network devices which connect together and cover a small area such as a building, a school or college.
A WAN is much bigger than a LAN and can cover a wider area. Most WANs are made from several LANs connected together. An example of a WAN is Google.
A network is 2 or more computers which are connected together. There are 3 network topologies which are;
Ring Topolgy
Ring- network and also a peer to peer network as there is no server. All computers are arranged in a circle. Data sent by one computer passes around the ring until reaching the correct computer.
Bus- signals are passed either direction along the backbone.
Everything connected to the network are conencted to a shared cable.
Star- uses a central connection point for all devices on the network and the central point can be a server or devices called Hubs, Routers or Switches.
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