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Tesla Motors Commerical

No description

jennifer dang

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Tesla Motors Commerical

Carmen Wong
Jennifer Dang
Erica Saunders
Daniel Jakel
Steffen Retz
Organizational Background
Organizational Goal
Project Objective
Project Scope
Work Breakdown Structure
Project Risks
Learning Outcome
1. Organizational Background
2. Organizational Goal
3. Project Objective
4. Project Scope
5. Work Breakdown Structure
6. Project Schedule
7. Project Risks
8. Budget
9. Learning Outcomes
This is a marketing project based on advertising the Tesla Model S. The CEO of Tesla Motors must approve of hiring a production company to create a high quality 30-second commercial that will air during the 2014 Super Bowl. The marketing team will then record and analyze the data at the end of the first quarter to measure the success. The project, commercial and analysis will be completed by May 2014.
To increase sales for Tesla Motors by implementing a marketing campaign that includes airing an engaging television commercial, set to released during the 2014 Super Bowl. The commercial campaign for Tesla Motors will be within a budget of $5,000,000.
Elon Musk
Co-Creator of Paypal
Founded Tesla in 2003 in Palo Alto, CA
Won Time Magazine's Best Invention Award for Transportation (2008)
Project schedule
Model S
Released in 2012
"Car of the Year"
1. Convince the CEO to approve of a $5 million marketing
campaign budget
2. Purchase a time slot for the Super Bowl ($4 million)
3. Hire a production company to create the commercial ($500,000)
4. Data capture software ($100,000)
5. Company Representative training ($100,000)
6. Website maintenance ($50,000)
7. Emergency funds ($250,000)

1. Non memorable commercial
2. Delays
3. Game goes into overtime
4. Overspending of budget and resources
5. Production company was not able to capture the right concept
6. Cannot meet demands (if commercial is successful)
Create a "clean car" using all electric technology
Electric car that is stylish and what the driver wants
Environmentally responsible
Fun to drive
Over time it will be affordable
Language barrier
Getting on the same page
Scheduling appointments
Time management
Tesla Motors Marketing Campaign
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